David Cook performs a Concert for Hope in D.C.

David CookJudging from the videos below, David Cook was looking snazzy and sounding great at the Concert for Hope last night in Washington, D.C.

David performed the concert at the Warner Theatre to help raise money to fund research and support services for those affected by brain tumors.

He’ll also be participating in the Race for Hope tomorrow, as he’s done the past two years since losing his brother, Adam, to brain cancer.

In fact, David’s Team for a Cure has surged into first place in fundraising for the event, with pledges topping $108,000. Team Cassidy Turley is right behind at a little more than $107,000 and led in fundraising at midweek.

Go, Team for a Cure. They’ve been fundraising champs each of the past two years, raising in excess of $130,000 each time.

The videos below are just some of the songs David sang at Concert for Hope. Head to YouTube and you can also see David performing “Paper Heart,” “Come Back to Me” and “I Did It for You” and “Take Me As I Am.”

I’m sure a good time was had by all.

Tweeted David after the show: “So much fun tonight! Great crowd. The energy was so good, I didn’t even notice I chunked off a bit of my fingernail! Craziness.”

If you missed it, David has also released the deluxe album tracklist for his second post-Idol album, “This Loud Morning,” due out in late July. You can find it here.

Now, for some video from last night show.

Time Marches On


Don’t You Forget About Me


The Last Goodbye



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  1. mainedcfan says:

    David looked and sounded amazing! Wish I could have been there, but thanks for the videos. Headed to Youtube next to see the rest of them. So awesome that he did a concert to help raise funds as well. David’s heart is as big as his talent…love him!

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