Season 10 Idols prepare to kick off summer tour

American Idol's top 11 head out on tour this week. (FOX Photo)

They’ve been rehearsing for weeks and they hit the stage for the first time Wednesday night.

The American Idol Season 10 summer tour kicks off at the Maverik Center in Utah, the first of nearly 50 shows that will run through Sept. 10 when the tour ends in Rochester, N.Y.

In between, the Idols will be stopping in Pittsburgh, Philly, D.C., Baltimore and Reading, so local fans will have plenty of chances to check them out.

Last week, several of the touring Idols answered questions about the upcoming tour live via Ustream.

They weren’t about to divulge many details about precisely what they’d be singing. I supposed that’s another of those closely guarded Idol secrets.

But one thing that was clear is that these contestants get along very well, and were having a blast preparing for the tour.

And clearly, they don’t mind teasing one another.

Paul McDonald, for instance, admitted he didn’t tell any of his Idol colleagues about his plans to propose to actress Nikki Reed. “She would have known before I even asked her,” he explained.

Scotty McCreery recalled his first glimpse of James Durbin. “I saw this dude in Hollywood Week, and something was coming out of his jeans, like a tail. I thought, ‘Who is this cat?’ Then I met him. And I still wonder, ‘Who is this cat?’”

For his part, James said there’s a simple reason for the camaraderie among the touring Idols.

“This year, the top 11, us going on tour, we’re all positive people,” he said. “We’re not always complaining. We’re not always down in the dumps, being depressed, being negative. This is a happy, good bunch of people.”

As for what to expect on the tour …

“Some serious dance moves from Scotty McCreery,” the season 10 Idol winner said in jest. “And Paul McDonald. He’s been working on dance moves, too.”

On a more serious note, Haley Reinhart said there will be numbers fans expect because they were highlights from season 10. But there will be surprises, too.

“It’s gonna be a bomb show, people,” said Naima Adedapo. “Just come and see.”

Go here for a list of those local tour dates and links to ticket information.


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