Meet American Idol contestant Colton Dixon

Last year, Colton Dixon went to the auditions just to keep his sister, Schyler, company and wound up auditioning.

Remember how that ended?  He wound up advancing all the way to the Vegas round and was one of the very last contestants eliminated when the judges decided to send Brett Loewenstern to the semifinals and him and Jaycee Bardeaux home.

Well, Colton accompanied Schyler to the auditions in Savannah this year, supposedly with no intention of trying out.

But the judges insisted, and the 19-year-old from Murfreesboro, Tenn., is Hollywood-bound again.

I wasn’t impressed with his version of David Cook’s “Permanent.”  Perhaps I’m too enamored with David’s version.  But I’ve heard enough of Colton’s music to know he’s a talented guy capable of going deep into this year’s competition.

On Facebook, Colton classifies his music as  Christian/rock. He says he’s been playing piano since age 6.

He was part of a Christian band called Messenger prior to last year’s appearance on Idol and is a graduate of Middle Tennessee Christian School.

Here are two pre-Idol performances from Colton.


“What About Now”

Top 7 Redux — Bad Romance

No longer available

Top 7 Redux — September

No longer available

Top 7 — Love The Way You Lie

No longer available

Top 7 — Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Skylar Laine)

No longer available

Top 8 — Time After Time

No longer available

Top 8 — Islands in the Stream (with Skylar Laine)

No longer available

Top 9 — Everything

No longer available

Top 10 — Piano Man

No longer available

Top 11-12 — Broken Heart

No longer available

Top 13 — Lately

No longer available

Semifinals — Decode

No longer available


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  1. jenn says:

    i loooovveee colton!!!!! i think his voice is ammmaaazzziing!!! btw love his hair

  2. [...] Colton Dixon:  It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Colton.  He sings “What About Now” and does a credible job, though that lost some impact because it followed Joshua’s superb vocal. Here’s betting Colton makes the semis.  Grade: B-. [...]

  3. [...] are gone. Young phenom David Leathers Jr. is still with us, along with the brother-sister team of Colton and Schyler Dixon. P.S.: Brittany is promising to post music next week since we didn’t get to [...]

  4. [...] Colton Dixon:  I predict Colton will make it, though I’ve been on and off about his singing.  And thrilled with that final Vegas performance.  Nice touch, though, to dedicate it to his sister.  Last year, he was one of the very last cuts in the green mile episode.  He makes it, predictably.  Judges’ rating: Decent decision. [...]

  5. [...] Colton Dixon:  “Each year, Idol has that one artist who is different. Daughtry was edgy and he was different. Of course, you had Adam Lambert. Not that I would go to that extreme. But I want to be that guy.” [...]

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  8. [...] Colton Dixon:  Chris Daughtry. “He’s had such an influential play in my life. I want to plan my career around his. He’s had singles on pop radio, rock radio, Christian radio. You name it, he does it. Yet it’s never changed who he is.” [...]

  9. [...] Colton Dixon:   “Love God, love music, love people.” [...]

  10. [...] Colton Dixon:   “In the bathroom, because the acoustics are amazing.  If you haven’t done it, try it.  I’ve actually recorded vocals in a bathroom before.” [...]

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  12. [...] Colton Dixon: 1. I’d wish I could fly 2. I’d wish money would never be an issue 3. I’d wish when I make the finale, my sister could get up and perform with me. [...]

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  18. [...] Colton Dixon:  Jimmy says Colton was good last night, but not good enough.  Compared to the other contestants who were emotional, but held their emotions in control, Colton didn’t measure up, he adds. He’s safe. [...]

  19. [...] Colton Dixon (2):   I’m glad Jimmy Iovine was mildly critical of Colton’s show-opening performance last [...]

  20. [...] 3. Colton Dixon (3): Speaking of changing up songs, Colton did a brilliant job with Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” last week and didn’t get enough credit for it. He’s quietly putting together a string of solid performances. If you discount that “Islands in the Stream” duet with Skylar Laine that he should never have been forced to sing. [...]

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  23. [...] 4.   Colton Dixon (3):   A more  likely winner than any of the three listed above, and  I admire Colton’s strategy.   Two weeks ago, he sang Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”   Last week, it was “Love the Way You Lie.”   He was superb on the former, OK on the latter and scores high marks for originality even if I’m not a big fan of his vocals.   And since Idol has dumped duets for at least a week, he won’t have to sing another country song with Skylar. [...]

  24. [...] Colton Dixon:  Jimmy wasn’t a fan of “Bad Romance.”  The performance or the look.  He says Colton has to regroup if he’s going to make the finals.   Colton is in the bottom 3. [...]

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