Idol’s top gals tell us what to expect Wednesday night

If you haven’t watched the meet-the-semifinalists videos over at, the most intriguing question asked is what we can expect from the contestants in the competition.

Here’s what the 12 gals who will take the stage Wednesday at 8 p.m. had to say.

If you missed it, here are the official photos of the top 12 and links to their Twitter accounts.

The link under each name below takes you to profiles of each contestant.

Baylie Brown:  “I love me some good ol’ tear jerker songs. But I love fun upbeat, rockin’ songs, too. I love traditional country.”

Brielle Von Hugel:   ”Expect big things from me. I’ve had great performances so far on my journey and just want to push myself harder.”

Chelsea Sorrell:   “Definitely country. Probably sassy songs, because I’m not too good at the slow ones.” She laughs. “Just kidding.”

Elise Testone:  “A variety of song choices. My voice is a bluesy, soul sound, but I can sing any type of genre and love to show that off.”

Erika Van Pelt:   ”You can expect fireworks from me. That’s all I want to do — to electrify people.”

Haley Johnsen:  “I know there’s this inner drive within me that’s like, ‘Come, on. Go. You can do it. Fly away.’ So I’m going to find that and do everything that I can to live in it.”

Hallie Day:  “I think I have a lot in me. I always have had a lot in me, but I’ve always kept the cap on it. I think this show will help me burst that cap open. When I get on that stage, I’m learning that I kind of enter into another world, and that’s when I’m really in my comfort zone. I think America is going to see that part grow each week.”

Hollie Cavanagh:  “You can expect a whole lot of diva-ness. Not bad diva, but good diva,” she quickly adds, in her charming English accent. “I just kind of want to show America what I can do. I hope people can see a difference from last year.”

Jen Hirsh:  “Hopefully really good song choices. I’m sort of like a pop-soul singer, so I really want to make people feel it. I want to get into that nitty-gritty spot everyone has but you can’t trigger all the time.”

Jessica Sanchez:  ”I’m going to try to open up a little more, because I’ve been a little closed off, a little shy. I hope America sees I’m a different kind of artist.”

Shannon Magrane:  “I’m going to surprise myself, I think, on the show. I hope America sees that I’m a fresh, clean, new, kinda cool spunky kid who just wants to sing all the time.”

Skylar Laine:  “I know I want to do really raw country. Honky tonk songs. That’s the kind of feel I go for. Just the more gritty, raw country. Steven said he wanted to hear some more rock with that country flavor, so you can expect a lot of that, and some country. I hope I can bring some Waylon in there, some Willie, maybe some Miranda songs.”


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