Meet American Idol contestant Adam Lee Decker

Adam Lee Decker credits his fiancee with his decision to try out for Season 11 of American Idol.

“She picked me up off the ground, so to speak,” he says, without elaborating in his golden ticket interview.

Adam, 28, of Durham, N.C., is one of the many talented contestants we didn’t get to meet during the Pittsburgh auditions, so let’s try to rectify that.

On Facebook, we learn that Adam grew up in Cortland, N.Y., studied theater at the state university there, then vocal performance at Ithaca College in New York.

After moving to North Carolina, he became part of an a cappella group named Fault Line that competed on America’s Got Talent in 2007 and made it as far as the top 20.

Adam told Idol he first sang publicly at age 5 for his kindergarten graduation.  He did a duet in French with his kindergarten sweetheart.

His favorite Idol contestants are David Cook and Chris Daughtry, which will give you an idea of his musical inclinations.

“The passion that kid sings with is incredible,” he says of David Cook. “I definitely see him and what he did kind of parallel to what I could do on the show.

“I’m a genuine guy,” he adds. “Besides that I have a very unique, soulful, high R&B rock voice that I think people will love.”

Adam was on the G105 Radio morning show this weekend, where he performed his own version of “Billie Jean.”

I’ve embedded the video below.  But if you want to hear top-notch audio of the performance, head to Adam’s Facebook page.

Now, non-Idol performances from Adam.

“Open Arms”

“Billie Jean”


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  1. Donna Moye says:

    I heard him sing the National Anthem at the RBC Center Cane’s game! He’s awesome! I look forward to following him on American Idol!

  2. dathan schneck says:

    yeah! thats my boy blue. worked with him at Mosaic where he actually met his fiance.

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