Meet American Idol contestant Tenna Torres


Yeah, that was my reaction, too, the first time I saw her name on the Vegas contestant list.

It’s not like we got to meet Tenna Torres on Idol, even though she beat the long odds facing female contestants and survived Hollywood.

In fact, I think the only time we heard her name was when Idol mentioned that she had been eliminated on group night in Vegas.

Oh, well, Tenna’s moving on.  What else would you expect from a singer who bills herself on Facebook as “a sassy young African-American/Puerto Rican” who delivers “dynamite vocals in killer stilettos?”

Tenna already has a single on iTunes.  It’s called “Good Nite 2 Die Hard.”  It was released Saturday, just two days after Tenna officially left Idol.

It’s a pop/dance tune, consistent with what Tenna lists as her genre on Facebook:  “Pop music that appeals to the masses.”

The 27-year-old from Queens, N.Y., auditioned in Pittsburgh.  In her golden ticket interview, she said she was looking at Idol as a chance to jump-start her career.

“I think I know what kind of music I’m good at because I’ve been doing this for so long,” she said.  “I’m confident in who  I am as an artist and ready to show the world.”

Judge for yourself.  You can head to MySpace to listen to some of her music.  I’ve embedded my favorite, the very catchy “I Cried a Lot” below, along with that new single.

Editor’s Note: My profiles of American Idol contestants omitted five Vegas contestants, including  Molly Hunt, Marissa Pontecorvo, Josh Sanders and Tenna Torres. They’ve now been added. Coming later today: Amber Holcomb.

“Good Nite 2 Die Hard”

“I Cried a Lot”


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