Meet American Idol contestant Wendy Taylor

Add Wendy Taylor of Huffman, Texas, to the list of Season 11 Idol contestants with music that you can already download, should you so desire.

And you might want to after checking out the three songs on her January 2010 EP.  Just go here for a listen, and make sure to listen to “Real Good, Real Bad.”

Wendy’s also a returnee to Hollywood, having advanced that far in Season 10.

In speaking to her local FOX station after her elimination, Wendy said she couldn’t fault the judges’ decision.

And she vowed to be less boring if she got another chance in Hollywood rather than just relying on a “big and powerful song” and her big voice.

Well, she got her chance, earning a golden ticket at the Galveston auditions.  Time wlll tell how she did.

Even if it didn’t go her way, she’s unlikely to give up on music.  It doesn’t seem to be in her nature.

“As many major hits as my life has taken, I have not just gotten back up stronger, faster, smarter, more determined, I have done it with a smile every time,” she told Idol during her golden ticket interview.  “And I try to bring as many people smiling with me as I can.”

One of those hits came right before her Season 10 audition, when a fire forced her out of her home in Crosby, Texas.

She was a single mom of three at the time, though a more recent article talks about a fiance she met — a paramedic — on the day of the house fire.

Wendy, 29, told Idol she started singing at age 3 and used to go knocking on neighbors’ doors, asking them to come over to her parents’ house so she could put on a show.

On Facebook, she classifies her music as pop, rock and R&B and identifies herself as a singer, songwriter, producer and killer-music-maker.

Judge for yourself.  Here are a couple of Wendy Taylor performances.

“A Change is Gonna Come”

“Lady Marmalade”

“Natural Woman”


26 Responses to “Meet American Idol contestant Wendy Taylor”

  1. Matra says:

    You were right. I listened to “Real Good, Real Bad.” Wow! That girl can SANG!

  2. Wayne Ashley says:

    Wendy ROCKED THE HOUSE last night!!! This girl is the real deal, and she’s now advanced to Season 11′s Top 40!!! My favorite of her original tracks is Hold Me Down!

  3. Kathy says:

    Beautiful voice! Thanks for singing for us at work today!

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  6. suzanna murphy says:

    Well – I lived in Huffman Texas for thirty years so I surely wish all the best to Wendy Taylor!

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  8. Wendy Taylor says:

    Thank you so much for the love!!!!

    • Mark Franklin says:

      No problem. The group performance in Vegas was wonderful. Shoot me a notice if you release any music in the future.

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