Quick takes on 16 guys and 16 gals still in Vegas

All in all, a great week for American Idol.

Lots of singing.  Drama of the right sort (singers seeing their hopes get dashed).

And plenty of potential for more of the same next week.

At the end of the show, I caught the names and faces of as many advancing contestants as possible.

Here they are, plus my quick take on their prospects.

Sorry, I couldn’t catch them all.  I should be missing about 10.

If Idol posts their names tomorrow, I’ll be sure to add them in.

The gals:

Shannon Magrane:  The real deal.  A teen with true talent.

Jen Hirsh:  Another real deal, and a  more seasoned performer.

Ariel Sprague:  Idol kept this teen in hiding way too long.

Baylie Brown:  We’ve seen her smile more than sing, but I’d like to see her in the top 24. Every season needs a country gal.

Lauren Gray:  Last night, for the first time, I got it.  She sounded fabulous.  And great tone.

Hallie Day:  We’ve only heard snippets of the Baltimore gal since her audition, but every snippet has sounded great.

Skylar Laine:   Among the female country singers, she’s gotten the most screen time and has been solid, not spectacular.

Naomi Gillies:  A hometown favorite, hailing from Lancaster.  For the third straight episode, her vocals wound up on the cutting room floor.  Incomplete.

Hollie Cavanagh:  Incomplete.  I don’t think we’ve gotten to see the gal from Texas, via England, sing a single note.

Latia Lee:  Ditto.  But I’m pretty sure I picked out her face.

Wendy Taylor:  Incomplete.  Last night was the first we heard her sing.

Haley Johnson:  Ditto.  But she sounded great Thursday.

Brielle Von Hugel:  The control freak from group day.  Has sounded OK, but we’ve heard very little.

Erika Van Pelt:  Big booming voice, but will the votes be there?

Elise Testone:  Unique tone, and experienced enough that the Idol stage shouldn’t unnerve her.

Chelsea Sorrell:   Who?  Come on, Idol, based on her pre-Idol music, she deserved more screen time than she’s gotten.

The guys

Joshua Ledet:   He just might be the best voice Idol has uncovered in Season 11.

Creighton Fraker:  I’ve been impressed every time he’s been on stage.  Smooth and unflappable.

Reed Grimm:  Not impressed.  More character than talent and more screen time than he deserves.

Heejan Han:  Another character.  We’ve heard him talk more than sing.  But he’s such a character, Idol needs him around.

Phillip Phillips:  I’ve loved him with his guitar.  Performed without it Thursday and still sounded special.

Richie Lawson:  The contestant everyone loves to hate.  And hasn’t shown much vocally.

David Leathers Jr.:   Looks like he’s too young, but the best of the young male phenoms.

Eben Franckevitz:  Can someone become a big name in music with a last name like that?  Anyway, young, cute, OK singer.

Jeremy Rosado:  Not sold on his voice.

Deandre Brackensick:  Has the look to go far on this show, and I’m intrigued by what I heard Thursday.  Which was the first time we heard Deandre.

Colton Dixon:  Another contestant that won’t have any trouble attracting votes.  And I don’t doubt his musical ability.

Deneco Starr:  Another contestant I want to hear more from.

Adam Brock:  Nice story about the hanky, but no thanks.  I had enough white chocolate in Season 8, thank you.

Jermaine Jones:  The gentle giant, who sounded very, very good again on Thursday.

Aaron Marcellus:  Part of one of the better groups Thursday, but I need to hear more.

Chase Likens:  Incomplete.  I just haven’t heard enough.


3 Responses to “Quick takes on 16 guys and 16 gals still in Vegas”

  1. idlewatcher says:

    You are spot on with Chelsea Sorrell. She has the best voice of the three country gals in the competition and sadly, Idol has not let the American people hear her! If she’s given a shot, she should do very well. She has the voice, she’s beautiful, and she’s a gem of a person, inside and out! The real deal!

  2. Garrett Clayman says:

    you’re missing jessica sanchez she was apart of that killer group that closed out day 1. her pre-idol covers are fantastic. super current and not corny

  3. Garrett Clayman says:

    also deandre performed somebody to love on group night in season 10 SOOO GOOD

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