Here’s where the Top 12 like to sing when not on stage has posted a new series of videos with the Season 11 finalists.

Too busy to listen to all 12 videos? Or not patient enough to sit through the commercial that proceeds each video?

Fear not. I’ll fill you in on what you’re missing.

This is the third blog in the series.  Previously, the Idols described themselves as they’d appear in a Twitter hashtag and revealed which former Idol contestant they’d like to meet.

Among the most interesting questions the Idols were asked was to name an unconventional place where they like to sing.

Here’s what our remaining Idols said.

Colton Dixon:   “In the bathroom, because the acoustics are amazing.  If you haven’t done it, try it.  I’ve actually recorded vocals in a bathroom before.”

Deandra Brackensick:   “In the shower. I love it. The acoustics are amazing and I feel so free.”

Elise Testone:   “I love to sing in an open stairwell because it echos so awesomely. Also, when I was in Italy, I would try to sneak into parts of the churches and sing in those because it echoed so much.”

Erika Van Pelt:    “Probably the beach.”

Heejun Han:    “I always like to sing in the bathroom when taking a pee-pee, or taking a shower, or washing my face.  It has a good echo.”

Hollie Cavanagh:    “In the car.  I know, it’s kind of bad, because I’ll be really trying to hit a note and really getting into the song, and the people beside me will be laughing, but looking at me like, ‘She really needs some help.’”

Jermaine Jones:    “In the bathroom, but not in the shower.   Just in the bathroom, quiet, with no water running or anything.  So I can hear everything, every little tone.  With the shower running, you might have a little extra harmony you don’t want.”

Joshua Ledet:    “The shower.  You get the echo in there.  It’s just great.

Jessica Sanchez:   “In the shower, walking down the street, everywhere.   In middle school, people used to get mad at me because I’d sing in P.E..”

Phillip Phillips:   ”In the car, by myself.    That’s where I do a lot of my singing. ”

Shannon Magrane:   ”There’s no stopping me.  I sing eveywhere I go.   I sing in the hallways.  When I’m taking a test, I hum to muself.   And I always sing in shower.”

Skylar Laine:    “When I’m driving down the road.  And people look at me so weird because they look over and I’m rocking out to the music.”


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