American Idol Top 6 results show: Elise goes home

Wow, there’s certainly very little agreement over who’s going home tonight on American Idol.

Nearly every Idol follower has a different prediction on what’s going to happen tonight.

The only name I didn’t see suggested for ouster tonight: Joshua Ledet.

Considering how unpredictable Idol has been in recent weeks, that would make me nervous if my name were Joshua Ledet.

My own prediction is that Elise Testone’s run on Idol ends tonight, though I hope I’m wrong and Phillip Phillips pays the price for a month of not-so-special performances instead.

Between songs, we’ll hear Stefano Langone sing his new single “I’m On a Roll” (he goes by just Stefano now.  Katy Perry will also perform.

But, first, we hear from a new group put together and heading out on tour — The Queen Extravaganza.  They’ll perform “Somebody to Love.”

Wow, Freddie Mercury he isn’t.

Speaking of tours, the Idol summer tour dates are out.  Check them out here.

OK, now that the annually unfunny TMZ segment is over — enough, Nigel — we can get down to results.

Jessica Sanchez:   Having Jessica sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a mistake Jimmy says. Especially with the three heads in the background. More Stephen King than Freddie Mercury.  That said, Jimmy loved her performance of “Dance With My Father.”  Jessica is safe.

Elise Testone:   Jimmy says Elise picked the wrong Queen song and that it was a performance he didn’t want to watch again.  Nor did he like her choice of Jimmy Hendrix’s “Bold as Love.”  He says it was a double-down on bad song choices.  Elise is in the bottom three.

Now it’s time for Stefano, who has apparently decided a first name is enough and that autotune is better than his real voice.  His new song isn’t bad. In fact, it’s sorta catchy.  I’d just never guess that was the Stefano Langone if I heard it on the radio.

Hollie Cavanagh:   Jimmy says “Save One” was a pretty good job by Hollie, though she tripped up at the end.  He gave her a B+.  He loved “The Climb” and thought she did as well as she can do on that song.  He just hopes it wasn’t too little too late.  Hollie is in the bottom three.

Joshua Ledet:   Jimmy says he was impressed with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” because it showed he could cross over into pop music.  He also loved his performance of “Ready for Love.”  If he’s eliminated, “there’s something wrong with the whole ball of wax,” Jimmy says.  Joshua is safe.

Katy Perry time.  She’ll sing her new single, “Part of Me.”  In camouflage shorts for some reason.

Skylar Laine:   Jimmy says Skylar did a competent job on “The Show Must Go On.”  He thought “Tattoos on This Town” was self-indulgent. He says he thinks she got knocked out in round two.  Skylar heads to the bottom three.

Phillip Phillips:  Jimmy says Phillip is having a rough time with his health.  He thinks that detracted from his “Fat Bottomed Girl” performance.  Jimmy says he thinks the second song choice was a mistake.  And he thinks he created an opening for someone else to slip into the final.  Phillip is safe.

And now Ryan sends Skylar to the couches of safety.

And Elise is eliminated on American Idol.

Hate to see her go, but she was the victim of her own song choices.

Given the right song, she’s as good as anyone on American Idol this year.

I’ll be back with a recap in a few.

And check in tomorrow for a photo gallery from tonight’s show and an exit interview with Elise.


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