Idol Top 7 results show: Colton Dixon goes home

So, is the Idol journey about to end for Elise Testone or Hollie Cavanagh?

Most of the Idol followers I checked out today seem to think so, and they’re just about evenly split on who’s most likely to depart.

Based on a season’s worth of performances, I think Elise is more deserving of a second chance.

Based on last night alone, where Hollie bounced back big-time from a couple of down weeks, I think she’s more likely to get another chance.

Of course, we could be in for another shocker. has Colton Dixon at the very bottom of  its predictions.  And every Idol reviewer I read agreed Colton has one of his weakest weeks yet.

But, nah, no way the cute guy gets ousted in seventh place on cute guy Idol.

Between results tonight, we’ll get performances from Kris Allen and LMFAO.   Kris will perform “Vision of Love,” the fine lead single off his new album, set for release May 22.

We start out the evening with a group number — “Dancing in the Street.”  Wish Idol would can these group numbers and have duets, smaller groups on the results show.

These group numbers are seldom special.  The duets — remember “Moanin’” — sometimes are.

And the results begin …

Joshua Ledet:   Jimmy Iovine says Joshua did himself a lot of good, staying in his sweet spot and being comfortable. He says he could wind up in the finale.  Joshua is safe.

Hollie Cavanagh:  Jimmy says she took a giant step forward this week, but the finale is a long road away for her.  He called “Son of a Preacher Man” a clever song choice for her.  But he still predicts she’ll be in the bottom three.   And, yes, Hollie is in the bottom three.

Nigel Lythgoe just tweeted that there’s going to be another “big shock” on Idol tonight.  “Wow, we are going to have a lot of unhappy people tonight,” he writes.

Now, Kris Allen with “The Vision of Love.”  Really like this song.  And wish the best for Kris with his second album.  I think he’s much better than he showed on his post-Idol debut.

Nigel’s a fan.  He called the new song “great” and said “it grabs you instantly” in a tweet he sent out a few minutes ago.

Skylar Laine:  She delivered, Jimmy says.  And she’s “the little engine who could get into the finale.” Jimmy calls her the best performer the show has.  And Skylar is safe.

Elise Testone:  Jimmy thinks the selection of “Let’s Get It On” could sink her.  The original caused a baby boom. There was no baby boom last night, Jimmy says.  He thinks the only way she makes the finals is to pick the best rock and roll song she can find and deliver every week.  And Elise heads to the bottom three.

LMFAO performs now.  They’ll do “Sorry for Party Rocking,” of course.

Gee, Nigel, this is so much better than … oh, say featuring another former contestant on the results show.  I mean, bleeped out lyrics and a zebra too.  How much luckier could Idol viewers possibly be?

Phillip Phillips:   Jimmy says Phillip did a good job on the Usher song. He wasn’t as fond of the second song.  He says he should be in the finale.  He’s picking the best songs.  Phillip is safe.

Jessica Sanchez:   Jimmy says Jessica is singing songs that are too old for her.  He says he should have caught that earlier and that she needs to move to songs more appropriate for her age.  Jessica is safe.

Colton Dixon:  Jimmy wasn’t a fan of “Bad Romance.”  The performance or the look.  He says Colton has to regroup if he’s going to make the finals.   Colton is in the bottom 3.

Elise is safe!

That means Colton or Hollie is going home tonight.

And Colton is going home on American Idol.

Wow.  Dang, called it.

Colton apologizes and says he wasn’t himself last night and will take that lesson along with him ”when making a record.”






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