Idol results recap: Who’s on the rise and who isn’t

I’d like to pretend American Idol’s Thursday night results show didn’t happen.

I mean, the fact that Jessica Sanchez needed a judges’ save to stay in the competition is laughable.  Ludicrous.

But let’s talk repercussions.  Because there will be at least two from this week’s results show.

1. Jessica Sanchez could miss every note and fall off her high heels next week and she still wouldn’t be eliminated.  Her fans will rally after Thursday’s close call.

2. The save is gone.  And that means two very talented singers who should be in the running for the finals — Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet — are just one stumble from elimination.

Heck, they won’t even need to stumble.  Both were solid — among the best, in fact — on Wednesday.

And they still landed in the bottom three alongside Jessica.

The recap (note — links above and below take you to all of that contestant’s Idol performances):

On the rise:  Three weeks ago, Skylar Laine was among the bottom three.  She hasn’t been back yet, and she’s getting stronger at the right stage of the competition.  Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine says he’s afraid she’ll “get left behind” because so many talented singers remain.  But he sure sounds like a Skylar supporter.

Should be on the rise:   I still think there are five legitimate contenders for the Idol crown.  Joshua and Elise are two of those five.  Along with Jessica, they’re also two of the best three singers on the show.  They should be on the rise after solid performances this week.  Instead, they look like they’re on the bubble, in danger of elimination any week now.

On the decline:  Phillip Phillips has had two off weeks in a row, and no one on Idol has been bashful about pointing it out.  At one point, I figured he was a lock for the Idol crown.  I mean, singer-songwriter types who play guitar have won every year since Season 7.  I no longer think Phillip’s a lock.

Deserved his fate:  I was not a big fan of Colton Dixon’s vocal Wednesday night.  I am a fan of his strategy.  The last two weeks he’s been one of the best at picking songs no one would expect, then pulling them off in a performance that thrills his growing fan base.  So it was only fair that he was among the top four this week. But, Idol, stop making him sing country duets.  That isn’t fair.

Very, very lucky Hollie Cavanagh is leading a charmed life.  Twice she lands in the bottom three, and Idol logic dictates that she’ll go home instead of the funny guy (Heejun Han) or the cute guy (Deandre Brackensick).   She survives.  Last night, I’m pretty sure most Idol watchers counted her out.  She didn’t even land in the bottom three.  Send some love the Holliepops way, Hollie.

For a look at Jimmy’s assessment of the Idols this week, go here.   For what I thought of the “incredible moment” that was the Idol save, go here.

Coming tomorrow:   A photo gallery from the Top 7 results show, Week 1.




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