A 2nd straight number one dance hit for Kelly Clarkson

It took Kelly Clarkson 10 years to score her first number one single on Billboard’s dance chart.

Now she’s scored two in a row.

“Dark Side” reached the top of the dance/club play chart this week, dislodging Jennifer Lopez’s “Goin’ In,” which tumbled all the way to number six.

Kelly’s latest single is also up to number eight among adult pop songs, number 23 among pop songs and number 42 on the Hot 100.

But it has a long way to go to match the success of her first-ever number one dance single, “Stronger,” which is still number 41 on the Hot 100 and topped several other charts as well.

Now, if you’re not aware of why Kelly is in a Dallas Cowboys uniform in the photo above, head here. It involves a free download of her latest song.

Lots of other chart news this week as well.

* David Archuleta’s new album, “BEGIN.”, debuts at number 28 on the Billboard 200. Not too shabby for a cover album. There’s one original among the 10 tracks, “Broken,” a great song David co-wrote. To hear it and for a review of the album, go here.

* Speaking of the dance chart, Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Your Eyes” jumps all the way to number seven. It’s the most chart success Season 8′s runnerup has enjoyed with his apparently underappreciated new album, “Trespassing.”

* Mandisa’s “What If It Were Real” album jumps all the way back to number 6 on Billboard’s Christian album chart, where it’s been in the top 40 for 72 weeks! The recent jump was no doubt fueled by the fact that you can pick up a download of her album for $5 on Amazon this month. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

* “Blown Away” is gaining momentum for Carrie Underwood. The song jumped three spots to number 17 on the country singles chart this week and nine spots on the Hot 100 to number 38. The album is back up to number 16 on the Billboard 200, the highest ranking Idol-related album on that chart.


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  1. violet4ever says:

    Aww Nice to see David at the top of your list there :) I am so happy his BEGIN debuted at 28 instead of the predicted 31. And I heard his album debuted at 5 in Independent Albums and 3 on Internet Albums (a chart subscribers have access to). He worked so hard to leave beautiful stuff for us before he started his 2-year church mission. If anyone is on twitter he’s DavidArchie – he’s not allowed to tweet on his mission but his manager includes bits from David’s emails. Looking forward to his return in 2014. And check out the nice previews of his album on iTunes (they have the long previews). My favorite tracks are Beautiful, Broken, Don’t Give Up, Angel and Everybody Hurts.

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