David Archuleta back in his element on BEGIN.

David Archuleta during Friday's show at Penn State York. (Mark Franklin Photo)That’s quite the farewell gift David Archuleta delivered to fans today.

The former Idol contestant is off on a two-year mission trip, but recorded an album of cover songs before he left.

That album — titled BEGIN. — was released today and finds the Season 7 runner-up back in his element.

After all, David didn’t win over fans by dancing across the Idol stage singing pop songs. If anything, he looked a wee bit uncomfortable when he did that.

He won loyal fans with brilliant renditions of inspirational ballads like John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

And he’s back to singing those types of songs on BEGIN., delivering wonderful versions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Angel” and “Everybody Hurts.”

Not everything works. I could have done without David’s version of U2′s “Pride (In the Name of Love).” It seems a bit out of kilter with the rest of the album.

But one of the best tracks is “Broken,” and that’s not a cover. In fact, it’s the only original on the album. In case you haven’t heard it, I’ve embedded it below.

After recording two post-Idol pop albums, the change is musical style was entirely deliberate, David said in a video message to fans.

He said he wanted to record an album with “a more relaxed, peaceful kind of feel” in synch with where he is at this point in his life.

Now that he’s delivered a reminder of the vocal talent fans will be missing until his return, the big question is: What next?

Well, judging from the latest video message to fans, it sounds like music will still be part of David’s life when the mission work ends.

“I know it’s something that will also affect my music when I get back,” David says. “It will give me a new light on things and a new perspective musically and with my writing. Who I want to be. What I want to express. I’m really excited to share that with you guys, whatever it may be.”

For the full video, go here.

And, now, “Broken.”


9 Responses to “David Archuleta back in his element on BEGIN.”

  1. djafan says:

    David Archuleta’s BEGIN. is great. His vocals are stellar in every song. I know this is a cover album and his original, which I absolutely love by the way, I had never heard of Keane or their music, or REM. A lot of fans are being exposed to some old new music.

    “But one of the best tracks is “Broken,” and that’s not a cover. In fact, it’s the only original on the album. In case you haven’t heard it, I’ve embedded it below.” Love this.

  2. Lacie says:

    Yes, David has left quite a gift for his fans! Truly beautiful music.

  3. Michelle Marie says:

    Nice review Mark
    I love Don’t Give Up, has a Sting feel to it and True Colors was surprisingly good! I never like the original but I like David’s cover. Well he always makes a song his own. How could I have doubted that! You hear the passion in his voice in Everybody Hurts. BOTW was a favorite at my workplace.

  4. violet4ever says:

    Thank you for the review! David’s amazing – he worked so hard to leave us beautiful gifts in the 10 weeks before his mission. While saying he hoped he would have time to record “not an album” but some music to leave for fans, he managed to star in a 25-episode miniseries, record the Forevermore album (plus 3 music videos) and record the BEGIN album. Forevermore and BEGIN. are a beautiful pair of gifts – Forevermore full of love and longing, BEGIN full of hope and faith. I miss him a lot but he left his voice and thoughts to keep us company. BTW if anyone is on Twitter he is DavidArchie there (he cannot tweet from his mission so his manager Kari updates it for now, and she includes bits from David’s mission emails) #DA2014

  5. kel says:

    I love David Archuleta’s impromptu A capella renditions. He really can sing without auto tune. So many artists use dancers and all kinds of props to disguise the fact they can’t really sing. It is sad to see people like Demi Lovato(I really like her as a person) and Britney Spears that really don’t have strong vocals, judging contestants that can sing 100% better than they can. I will definitely buy David’s new CD. I love his cover of If Only I Can Get Through This and Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

  6. Mari says:

    I love Broken,someone else said”I feel like I’m walking in Heaven while listening to this song”that’s how it makes me feel too.The whole album is great but then again so is David.

  7. Free4all says:

    “BEGIN” is a joyous gift from David to his fans. I love the more mature sound and the genuine heart David put into each and every tract. I am a fan for life of this amazing artist. Miss you David!

  8. Donna from NY says:

    This is such a great album. I have been playing it for a week in my car and I Love it!!! Thanks David

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