The Voice upgrades with Usher, Shakira as judges

First off, thank you, NBC, for sparing us months and months of rumors about who might become judges on The Voice.

Second, congrats. You just might have upgraded the judging panel for Season 4 next spring.

The network announced this morning that Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will be taking a break from the show.

In their place: Shakira and Usher.

Why is that an upgrade?

Well, in spite of a white fur-ball of a cat and a pink parrot, Cee Lo is the least charismatic of The Voice coaches.

He has also shown a penchant for elaborate stage productions. Remember Juliet Simms’ black wings?

Some of those work. Many times, though, they’re an unnecessary distraction on a show that pretends it’s all about The Voice.

He’ll be replaced by Usher, who was impressive in the past as a mentor on American Idol.

Then there’s Christina, easily the most annoying member of the current panel with her look-at-me, look-at-me persona.

As in look at her almost popping out of her clothes. Or wearing something entirely inappropriate.

Her major contribution during Season 2 was getting into a silly feud in the finals with Adam Levine and Tony Lucca that diverted the spotlight from four very talented performers.

Time will tell if Shakira’s an upgrade.

But I’m ready to see someone else in that seat for a season.

The best news of all is that Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will return for Season 4, because their chemistry is a large part of what makes The Voice fun TV.

For an AP story on the changes, go here.


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