David Cook talks new music and performs in Singapore

American Idol Season 7 champ David Cook performed in front of adoring fans in Singapore earlier today.

And prior to the concert, he answered fan questions in a videotaped interview.

Among the questions: How many pairs of boots and how many guitars does David own?

The answer: Both number in the 20s, and he has boots he’ll never wear and guitars he never expects to play on stage.

But the big question: How about new music?

“The motivation and the goal is to not have ‘This Loud Morning’ be my last record,” David said. “I’m definitely working toward making a new record. There’s no firm time frame. I want to take this opportunity of creative freedom and really use it to progress as an artist and really reinvest in the creative process in a way I haven’t been able to in the last few years.

“The new songs are kind of all over the place,” he added. “I’ve got some songs that are still pretty guitar-based, maybe a little toned down. I’ve also
got songs with way more programming and drum beats. Really it will be just continuing to write and see where the songs go.”

For lots more about David’s visit to Singapore, including photos from his meet and greet with fans and video of the aforementioned interview, head here.


4 Responses to “David Cook talks new music and performs in Singapore”

  1. Beth Bascos says:

    this is awesome!!! thank you for sharing these photos ;) congrats David Cook for another excellent across the globe performance! slow clap for you! ;)

  2. latinalovesrock says:

    I am so happy to see the love from his fans in Asia and to see him happy doing what he loves the most. What a great week in David Cookland!! love it!!

  3. valerie says:

    Always a fan of Mr. Cook! Check out the YT vid of him covering Purple Rain by Prince. Lovely!!

  4. Maria says:

    David Cook has it all! I’m a devoted fan and can’t wait for the new cd.

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