Inside The Voice: Chevonne sheds light on switching teams

Judging from her website and what we’ve seen so far, Chevonne ranks as one of the most colorful and flamboyant contestants on The Voice.

Of course, consider her background. She worked as a backup singer for Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball tour.

In other words, flamboyance explained.

The 26-year-old from New Jersey also provides an interesting insight on what it’s like to move from Team Cee Lo to Team Christina, something she did after being stolen in the very last battle round of Season 3.

Chevonne summed it up in two words: “total change.”

“My teammates on Cee Lo’s team were all kind of cut in the same cloth as I am, sort of like, ‘We’ve been out there a long time; we’ve pounded the pavement.’ The majority of us are a bit older compared to the large number of young teenagers there are in the show this season. We all were kind of just like old vets, like kind of laughing like, ‘Oh man, we’ve been to rock bottom in the music industry, this is an awesome ride.’

“Team Christina is more, to me, like fresh, current, very pop; it’s awesome … It’s really cool to be on this sort of powerhouse team full of tigers … It’s a new type of feel, it’s a new type of vibe. It’s very like, ‘We are green. We want to go out and just grab this and go get it.’ Cee Lo’s team is like, ‘Let’s go out there and jam, sort of.’”

Not that one team is better than the other or one coach’s approach is better than the other, she stressed, adding that she feels “kindred with both types of themes in coaching.”

But the woman who showed up for her blind audition dripping with chains and wearing a large spiked ring, and who posed for publicity shots wearing a dress with golden-gloved groping hands couldn’t help making a fashion comparison. Switching to Team Christina, she said, is like wearing a new shoe.

“It’s a shoe that fits and a shoe that is very hot looking. So I’m really psyched.”

For more on Chevonne, head here. And check back for live blogging Monday at 8 p.m. EST, when the knockout rounds begin.


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