Meet Nathalie Hernandez of Team Christina on The Voice

The Voice seems to have gone a little younger this year, and there’s no better example of that than Nathalie Hernandez.

The 15-year-old from Dunedin, Fla., told the show she started performing by doing recitals for children.

She graduated to local talent competitions, including her hometown teen Idol contest and Largo Teen Idol, which she won shortly before her audition on The Voice.

Here’s betting her judges at those events weren’t quite the same caliber celebrities she found herself performing in front of in the blind auditions.

But in order to audition, Nathalie said she had to miss her prom and her brother’s graduation.

“For a teenager, those are pretty big sacrifices, but I’m definitely willing to give it up for this,” said the young singer-songwriter, who prides herself on her ability to connect with her audience.

“I know I’m young and I have my whole life to do this,” she continued, “but I want to do this now.”

Hoping for a “life-changing” spot on a Voice team, Nathalie took to the stage and performed Taylor Swift’s “White Horses.”

Almost instantly, Blake and Christina turn around, followed shortly thereafter by Adam.

Blake complimented her on selling “the story” behind the song.  Adam made a similiar observation, saying: “You have what a lot of people don’t have, which is the ability to connect.”

Christina said she, too, felt a connection to the young singer, adding: “You seem like a story-teller.”

The What the show didn’t show:  Well, she might only be 15, but Nathalie is among the contestants who have already released music on iTunes. Specifically, she released a five-track EP in August and a pair of singles — “Heart Goes Thump” and “Lover Boy” — in September. You can hear full-length versions of most of those songs and other songs Nathalie has written on her YouTube channel.  Or you can listen to the full EP on her website. My favorite of the songs I’ve heard — “Open Your Eyes” from the EP — is embedded below. How did Nathalie get started in songwriting? Well, according to her website bio, she was cast in a play at a local community theater at age 11. Part of the play included a talent show. Nathalie wanted to sing a song, but was told she couldn’t because of copyright laws. Her response: “No problem. I’ll write my own song.” On Facebook, she explains: “Writing music is me venting about what it’s like to be a teenager.” Why did Nathalie go with Christina? “I just felt what she was saying was really sincere,” she told Christina Milian in her post-audition interview. Finally, in her Voice blog, we learn that Nathalie plays guitar and ukulele, carries a 4.0 GPA, loves Smoothie King and turned 16 earlier this week (Oct. 1). Happy birthday, Nathalie.

Editor’s Note:  Check back for live blogs once the battle rounds begin on The Voice.

Nathalie singing “Open Your Eyes”


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