Meet Nicole Johnson of Team Blake on The Voice

Nicole Johnson had Blake at “thang.”

Now Blake has another strong country voice on his team on The Voice.

Nicole is the 18-year-old Louisiana gal we met on the final blind audition episode.

Her mother explains that Nicole showed musical ability at a young age, so Nicole’s parents bought her a guitar.

By age 7, she had written a song. And, soon after, she had decided music was what she wanted to do with her life.

“Mom was nice enough to take me to Nashville whenever I had shows or was writing with people,” Nicole told The Voice. “We made 40 trips in a year and a half. It was crazy.”

So crazy, the family decided to move to Nashville so Nicole could pursue her career full-time while being homeschooled.

“It was really difficult at first to do music and write songs every day but still have a normal life,” she says. “But I truly believe I made the right choice in going with my music career and following my heart and dreams.”

She sang Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Mr. Know It All” for her audition. Make that the country version of the song.

Yet Cee Lo was actually the first judge to spin his chair for her, saying she sounded like one of the day’s best singers.

Blake turned around later, telling her she had him the moment she pronounced “thing” as “thang.”

Of course, the one word wasn’t the sole reason. “Technically, you’re a great singer,” he added.

What the show didn’t show: Nicole is actually a native of Winter Park, Fla. That first song she wrote — well, she unintentionally misspelled the title as “Miracl,” she admits in her Facebook bio. But from that humble beginning she has now penned or co-written more than 150 songs, adding that “I live my life with no plan B.” In 2008, she recorded a Christmas song called “If Jesus Came Back” for a Baton Rouge disc jockey. It became a regional hit, her Facebook page says, and provided the impetus for all those trips to Nashville. There’s no shortage of Nicole Johnson music to check out. Head to her website and you can listen to full-length versions of four fine originals. My favorite is “Red Wine and Sunshine.” Head to her YouTube channel and you’ll find a mix of originals and covers. I’ve embedded an original, “Love Like That,” below. In her post-audition interview, Nicole said she didn’t head to the stage with a coach already selected. But the fact that Blake’s a country singer certainly helped seal the deal. Oh, and Nicole’s favorite song is “The House that Built Me,” the hit song recorded by … that’s right, Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert. You’ll also find a Nicole cover of that song below.

Editor’s Note: Check back for live blogs once the battle rounds begin on The Voice.

Nicole sings an original “Love Like That”

Nicole covers “The House That Built Me”


3 Responses to “Meet Nicole Johnson of Team Blake on The Voice”

  1. Shannon Johnson says:

    Wow…. great article and thank you for the kind words. “Red, Wine and Sunshine” is one of my favorites too. She is giving away a brand new demo this week for anyone who signs up for her email at…. I think you will like it!
    THANKS again!

  2. Penny Miller says:

    Great article! My son first heard Nicole’s music back in the MySpace days; probably close to 5 years ago. We met in person at the CMA Music Fest in 2009. Since then, we have supported Nicole’s music and become good friends. I have never seen so much talent in someone so young. Besides her beauty, amazing voice, and sweet personality, Nicole is a very talented songwriter. If you ask me who my favorite country music singer is, I will truthfully tell you Nicole Johnson. I really believe she is country music’s next superstar. My family makes many trips to Nashville each year to hear music; primarily Nicole Johnson’s music. I love Nicole’s original music. If you asked my favorite, I could maybe narrow it down to my top 10 if I must. There are no bad Nicole Johnson songs. I don’t hear covers from Nicole that often, but I definitely agree Mark. Nicole’s version of “The House That Built Me” is amazing; my favorite. I think Nicole has “the voice” to win season 3 of The Voice. Go Nicole and Team Blake! We love you!

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