Meet the Season 3 contestants on The Voice

The Voice probably does a better job than any of the other singing shows at introducing us to most of its advancing contestants.

But it often leaves out key details of contestants’ backgrounds, such as whether they’re a member of a band or whether they’ve already released music you can download now (in many instances, you can).

And we wind up knowing very little about a few unlucky contestants, who get just a few seconds of screen time.

So I’ve put together profiles of each coach’s top 16. Follow the links below to the story on that contestant.

And keep checking back. A profile will be posted for every contestant before the battle rounds begin Monday night.

Team Christina

Advancing to finals
Adriana Louise
Dez Duron
Sylvia Yacoub

Eliminated in live playoffs
Devyn DeLoera

Eliminated in knockout round
Alessandra Guercio — Had been stolen from Team Adam
Celica Westbrook
Chevonne — Had been stolen from Team Cee Lo
Laura Vivas

Eliminated in battle round
Beat Frequency
Jordan Pruitt
Lisa Scinta
Nathalie Hernandez Nelly’s Echo

Joselyn Rivera — stolen by Adam
MarissaAnn — stolen by Blake

Team Adam

Advancing to finals
Amanda Brown — stolen from Cee Lo
Bryan Keith
Melanie Martinez

Eliminated in live playoffs
Joselyn Rivera — stolen from Christina
Loren Allred

Eliminated in knockout round
Joe Kirkland
Kayla Nevarez
Michelle Brooks-Thompson
Nicole Nelson
Sam James

Eliminated in battle round
Adanna Duru
Brandon Mahone
Brian Scartocci
Samuel Mouton

Alessandra Guercio — stolen by Christina
Caitlin Michele — stolen by Cee Lo
Collin McLoughlin — stolen by Blake

Team Blake

Advancing to finals
Cassadee Pope
Michaela Paige
Terry McDermott

Eliminated in live playoffs
Julio Cesar Castillo
Liz Davis

Eliminated in knockout round
Collin McLoughlin — stolen from Adam
Gracia Harrison
MarissaAnn — stolen from Christina
Rudy Parris
Suzanna Choffel

Eliminated in battle round
Casey Muessigmann
Charlie Rey
Kelly Crapa
Lelia Broussard
Nichole Johnson
Ryan Jirovec
2Steel Girls

Terisa Griffin — stolen by Cee Lo

Team Cee Lo

Advancing to finals
Cody Belew
Nicholas David
Trevin Hunte

Eliminated in live playoffs
Diego Val
MacKenzie Bourg

Eliminated in knockout round
Avery Wilson
Caitlin Michele — had been stolen from Christina
Daniel Rosa
Mycle Wastman
Terisa Griffin — had been stolen from Blake

Eliminated in battle round
Alexis Marceaux
Ben Taub
Emily Earle
JR Aquino
Todd Kessler

Amanda Brown — stolen by Adam
— stolen by Christina


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