At height of Twilight mania, an EP from Paul and Nikki

As Twilight mania peaks, it seems like a good time to let American Idol fans know you can download new music from Paul McDonald and wife Nikki Reed.

The two released a five-song EP, “The Best Part,” back on Oct. 29.

It includes a new version of the Grand-Magnolias-sounding “Now That I’ve Found You,” a single Nikki and Paul released a year ago.

And it marks Paul’s first significant music release since finishing eighth on Idol, meeting the Twilight actress at the premiere of “Little Red Riding Hood,” then marrying her in October 2011.

Paul sounds as gravelly-voiced as ever on the EP, singing music more suited to him than most of what he wound up performing on Idol. Nikki has a surprisingly sweet, distinctive sound.

For the most part, Paul takes the lead on vocals, though Nikki is featured prominently on the title track.

As for the best part of the EP, that would be the new version of the 2011 single and the haunting opening track, “Bouquet of Lies (Ghost in Apartment 8).”

Want more Paul and Nikki?

They have a song called “All I’ve Ever Needed” on the Breaking Dawn 2 soundtrack.

And more music is likely on the way, according to what Paul told The Rolling Stone, in a story posted earlier today.

“We’re going to go back in the studio and hopefully do some more songs, because you can’t book a tour with 20 minutes worth of material,” he said.

Check out the interview. Nikki also talks about her “stage fright” as a singer.

And if you want a physical copy of the EP, Paul is offering all sorts of bundle deals on his website.

Now, here’s the video for “Now That I’ve Found You,” which was released earlier this year.


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