Monthly Archives: June 2015

Time to Get Connectin’

Hello York County PA and all the ships at sea…

Welcome to my little slice of heaven here inside the Universe.  So you probably have a couple of questions about this blog, but I’m guessing the first one might be:

Um, DK, what are we connecting here?

Great question, Sir-Reads-A-Lot. Here’s what I hope to inject into the Interwebs: a discussion about the connection between policy and community. Where paper moves to practice. How the issues surrounding our community sometimes need to be framed in a different – possibly unique – and new perspective.  In short, we will be talking about something many community leaders have suggested, and I truly believe we are living in at this moment: The Connection Economy.

Our community consists of four pillars: .com, .org, .edu, and .gov. Each of these pillars are essential in our growth and development. More that that, we have to recognize the need for connection between these pillars. So here in this little place we call “blog,”  we will be exploring how policy questions, issues, and challenges can be impacted by our connections – or how we can better make those connections a reality.

It is an exciting time for the City of York, York County and our region here in south central Pennsylvania. With some incredible people, places and spaces all around us, we are poised to make some beautiful music together. But first, let’s just get those instruments out, get in tune, warm up… and get ready to JAM!

Hope you’ll join us on this journey… time to get connectin’!