Haute Mom: A Q&A with Hilary Arthur

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Hilary ArthurHilary Arthur has worked in fashion and retail for 17 years. She  spent 14 of those years in NYC, where she met her wonderful husband Gregory. In 2011, they relocated with their two daughters (ages 4 and 2) to Hilary’s  hometown of York  to enjoy some “country livin’” as Gregory, the native Brooklynite, likes to say. In March 2013, Hilary’s fashion dreams were realized when they opened Arthur & Daughters at 49 N. Beaver St. in York City.  Arthur & Daughters is York’s premier purveyor of luxury designer consignment and new collections from emerging American designers.



Moms like to wear more than yoga pants, but we’re sometimes pressed for time or exhausted. What are some quick fixes to help women boost their mom styles?

The easiest way to amp up your mom style, while keeping things functional, is to opt for finer fabrics. Keep the black yoga pants, but swap out the fleece hoodie for an oversized super fine merino sweater. Ditch the sneakers for a wedge bootie. Both will be still be comfortable but they ensure that you don’t look like you just picked up whatever was clean off the floor! Remember, clothing that looks good can be just as comfortable as your sweats!


We’ve all heard of mom jeans. What should moms know when shopping for jeans to avoid the dreaded look?

The surest way to avoid mom jeans is to focus on a classic straight leg or skinny fit with a rise that is neither too high nor too low. When in doubt always opt for a dark blue wash. It is sliming and goes with everything. Also, it’s important to be willing to try on many fits and brands to find the right fit. I also recommend focusing on the fit and feel of the jeans and NOT paying attention to the number size on the tag.


Moms operate on many budgets and often prioritize their kids’ needs first. What are some pieces women can invest in that will span seasons and years, and still be fashionable?

I totally understand putting your family first. It is however important to remember that a happy mom is a happier family! Make the extra effort and you will feel as good as you look. I highly recommend investing in the following timeless pieces. They will save you time when dressing and ensure that you always looks great.

1. A classic khaki trench coat. You could have your flannel pajamas on underneath, but you would still look chic and pulled together to the outside world. A belted trench flatters all body types.

2. If your budget allows, I highly recommend the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. I call mine my Mary Poppins bag. Its luggage canvas construction makes it super light and I can put literally tons of things inside and it all always seems to fit! It’s a timeless, classic bag that you will never regret.

3. A white tuxedo shirt is a great investment piece and is an easy way to look effortlessly stylish especially when you are having one of those mom days when you just don’t have the time to overthink your own outfit.

4. The aforementioned straight or skinny dark blue washed jeans are absolutely essential. This is an easy place to save money if you’re on a budget. These days you can find great fitting jeans at any price.

5. To complete our timelessly stylish mom look I recommend wedge ankle booties. The wedge guarantees comfort while you’re chasing the kids while the shape and style conveys that your made an effort beyond your sneakers!


Are knee-high boots still in? We’re seeing a lot of ankle booties out there?

I would say that knee-high, flat boots are a classic item that always looks good, BUT ankle boots are definitely having a fashion moment and are a bit more forward.


The holidays are coming. For many mamas that means a chance to dress up. What’s a great look for Thanksgiving dinner parties? And what about those Christmas dresses? There’s a lot of satin and sequins out there. What do you suggest for the mom who wants to look nice, but isn’t attending a formal event?

I love dressing up and don’t need much of an excuse to do so. I don’t really like investing in pieces that are just for one kind of occasion, which is why I tend to avoid the more expected,  sequined or bejeweled holiday look. I like items that are going to do double duty and work for day and events. I think a party dress with a fuller skirt is a great option. We have a lovely Laundrea dove grey dress at the shop right now. It is made in the U.S. and is completely machine washable, which is perfect for busy moms who don’t need another errand to the dry cleaner. The dove grey color is seasonless. It works now with fun accessories and opaque tights and will be just as wonderful with flat gladiator sandals in the summer!


What’s the go-to color fall and winter?

Pastels are HUGE for fall and winter. They are no longer just for spring. My favorite pieces are done by Celine.


Is the scarf trend on the way out or will it stick around?

Scarves are timeless. Especially if you happen to be French! I think it’s a bit fresher to do a silk, printed scarf. Perhaps the casually-gauzy ones could be given a little vacation!


What’s hot in accessories?

The oversized clutch is a hot accessory, though for most mom’s this is wildly impractical! An alternatively-chic accessory is a more ladylike bag with structure. More relaxed styles like hobo bags and huge totes could be put in storage for the moment until it’s their time to shine again!


Let me know if I'm right or wrong!