Shortest election night ever

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Imagine my surprise when my 5-year-old son Ty returned home from school Tuesday and already knew who was elected president.

“Mitt Romney won,” he said.

Ty, a Kindergarten student, and his 9-year-old sister Cienna, a third grader, participated in their elementary school’s mock election on Election Day.

Students in Kindergarten through third grade selected Romney by a narrow margin. Romney received 205 votes, and President Obama received 197 votes, my kids said.

“I really liked voting and can’t wait to do it for real,” Cienna said.

(I’m pretty sure I was gasping when I realized she’ll be eligible to vote in just nine years. I have a feeling the next nine years will go even faster than the last nine.)

The reason Ty enjoyed voting was far more simple than his sister’s explanation. “I liked it because I got to go on the computer,” he said.

We all talked through dinner about the importance of voting and steps in the national election process, which takes much longer than their school’s vote.

As we waited Tuesday night to find out who Americans chose as their next president, Cienna said something we could all agree with: “I just hope whoever wins will care about kids and not hurt our schools.”

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