That moment when you have to explain Ja Rule

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Cienna was born precocious, so I’ve had to field many interesting questions during the last nine years.

I specifically remember taking her to a photography studio when she was 2-years-old and having her ask me, “Why you dress me in orange, Mommy? Do you hate me?”

Luckily, I was able to reaffirm my love by reminding her that she was awesome. “Awesome people look great in every color,” I said.

And she did, in fact, look adorable in orange.

The much-loved 2-year-old Cienna during a photo shoot.

Seven years later she still asks questions that make me laugh; yesterday, after looking through a scrapbook I made to remember her earlier years, she said, “Who is Ja Rule? What did they do, and why is their name Ja Rule?”

In her scrapbook was a list of popular artists, songs, movies and average prices when she was born in 2003. That year, Ja Rule’s “Always on Time” was popular, and that’s why the rapper was included in her scrapbook.

“But why is his name Ja Rule?” she said.

I explained it was a stage name, but that didn’t soothe her curiosity.

“We need to Google him and find out what his real name is,” she said.

As we learned, Ja Rule’s real name is Jeffrey Atkins.

And just when I thought I was in the clear, she said, “OK. Now look up Phillip Phillips because I’m not convinced that’s his real name.”

The inquisitive Cienna “all grown up” at 9 years old. She claims 9 years old is “a big deal because it’s halfway to 18.”

Let me know if I'm right or wrong!