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Karen.jpjWith over 25 years of experience in interpreting and analyzing  drawings, Karen has worked with hundreds of clients and helped transform their lives.

Utilizing her skills and expertise, Karen teaches her clients how to recognize the underlying issues that prevent people from reaching their goals. With a focus on building and sustaining personal and professional relationships, Karen has allowed her clients to lead more meaningful and productive lives.

Based on the theory that drawings contain symbols and hidden clues, Karen uses her insight and training to help others decode the hidden message from their subconscious mind. The Drawing Analyst does not expect her clients to be artists – no artistic skill is required!

Karen also works with professionals, life coaches, psychologists and therapists who have all sought her expertise to help uncover the issues experienced by their own clients. She offers a 6 part program specifically for professionals called, The Visionary Life Coach Program. If you are professional, please contact Karen to see how she can help you assist your clients.

If you are ready to overcome your fears, resistance and self doubt, and want to claim the life and the healthy relationships that you deserve, click on one of the blue links below:

Email: Email The Drawing Analyst

Website: http://thedrawinganalyst.com/

Facebook: The Drawing Analyst on Facebook

Visit Karen’s Etsy Shop for unique, handmade gift items and Healing Art products.

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