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Drum Roll, Please…Our Vision for the Future!

Lydia (1325 x 1985)

Our roots as a youth and family theatre provide us with a strong foundation to grow even taller.  As we approach our 20th year anniversary, we refocus our efforts, ensuring that we remain sustainable and relevant in a fast and ever changing world. This focus includes appealing to a wider and more artistically diverse audience while expanding our vibrant center for community arts to serve as a safe and growing place for all ages, all backgrounds and all types of performing arts.

As with any big milestone, we recognize our upcoming 20th year as an opportunity to refresh our image, like we have done for past milestones. To that end, we are excited to reveal our fresh logo, complete with a new descriptor and tagline!

Drum roll, please…


We do not make this change lightly. Over the course of the last 18 months, we have solicited input from our DreamWrights family through surveys, meetings, focus groups representing all different niches of our community, and our transition task forces. All of this input was compiled and reviewed, and is being used as a solid foothold in re-focusing our initiatives going forward.

We believe that identifying DreamWrights as a center for community arts elevates the work we do. We are more than just youth and family. We are about community. You are welcome here with or without a family. You are welcome here if you are not a kid. We are more than just theatre arts.  As a center for community arts we can offer much more, including: spoken word, dance, fine art, open mic, and many other types of performance and creative arts.

Our Center for Community Arts allows us to Build Characters for Life, expressing ourselves in new and unique ways, all of which tie us back to our core:  valuing the process, discovering yourself, stretching your limits, growing and learning together, appreciating everyone’s contribution, and providing access to all regardless of financial, physical, or learning challenges.

Please join us on our journey forward. We welcome and encourage everyone’s involvement.

StAGEs: Seniors will Showcase their Talents on October 29

Something funny is brewing at DreamWrights. For the past six weeks, StAGEs, a theater arts program designed specifically for the over 55 crowd, has been entertaining, challenging, and intriguing participants. Inspired by the National Council on Creative Aging (NCCA), StARTSomething and DreamWrights have partnered to offer this unique theater arts offering.


The members of the inaugural workshop will showcase their talents as well as what they’ve learned and accomplished on Thursday, October 29 a 2pm. This performance is free and open to the public. Free and easy off-street parking is available. As the performance unfolds, the audience will be treated to comedic scenes, touching reflections and maybe even some singing and dancing. Come ready to laugh.

Led by NCAA-trained theatre artists, Christina Myers and Luke MacCloskey, the StAGEs group has been experimenting with theatrical techniques to play games, tell stories, create plot and characters, and build new friendships.  These 5 men and 12 women range in age from Skip Lefever at 57 to Dolores Quickel at 94. Dolores can’t wait to register for the next StAGEs workshop. “I go home feeling really happy!” she beams. She claims she even laughs about it in bed as she’s falling asleep. “We’re having fun and enjoying ourselves” announces Nancy Wolgamuth. “It makes you laugh!” adds Mike Stewart.

When asked about the workshop, the participants could hardly contain their excitement and enthusiasm. “Nobody is a polished performer,” declares Judy Grimm. “But we’re learning to be hams,” interrupts Evelyn Miller. Mike Stewart explains that StAGEs is not at all what he anticipated. He was expecting a more serious workshop. “I even brought a pen and notebook the first time. But this turned out to be much better than a class!” The other participants agree. Nancy Wolgamuth loves the exercises because they “make your mind work” while having fun.


Christina Myers, actor, writer, and producer has appeared in various TV and film projects including “Girl, Interrupted” (as Nurse Margie opposite Oscar Award Winner, Angelina Jolie).  Luke MacCloskey, actor, writer, and producer has performed on stage and screen around the country.  You might recognize him (or not!) as the interloping zombie in the national commercial.  Together they perform as Cobblestone Comedy for corporate events and private parties.  They also lead professional rapport-building workshops for medical professionals.

StAGEs encourages active participation in the performing arts.  Meet new people, make art, and enjoy the benefits of “creative aging.”  Enrollment is limited to 16 participants and is free of charge.  A fully refundable registration fee will be returned at the culmination of the sessions. No experience is necessary. Accommodations will be provided for those with physical limitations and/or stage fright. Call 717-848-8623 x221 for more information and to register.