Cliffhanger of the highest caliber

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This week’s episode “On My Way” was, to my surprise, the finale before Glee’s 2-month winter hiatus. The episode took on some pretty heavy subjects, and ended with an insane cliffhanger which I will get to later.

I feel I should start with the unquestionable highlight of the episode: the performance of “Cough Syrup.” David Karofsky, who had appeared in several previous episodes, was outed at his new school after being seen with Kurt at Breadstix. The performance consisted of Karofsky contemplating suicide and eventually hanging himself (don’t worry – he didn’t die), intercut with shots of Blaine singing. The song itself is fantastic, but it’s the performance that makes this such a memorable scene. It’s one of the first times in recent memory that Glee has really made me feel something; not to mention that it is wonderfully acted as well. If you missed it, you can watch the performance here.

Although Karofsky thankfully survived his suicide attempt, it still has an immense impact on the Glee club. Will rounds up all the members and has them all share what they are looking forward to in life, then confesses that he himself had almost committed suicide after being caught cheating. (Yes, really.) When Kurt goes to visit Karofsky in the hospital, they discuss what Karofsky has to look forward to, and the two seem to have taken a big step in their friendship.

Sebastian is also greatly affected; he had apparently been really cruel to Karofsky earlier, and his suicide attempt made him realize how vile he had been. He apologizes profusely to everyone in Glee and ends the little feud between New Directions and the Warblers, and has the Warblers dedicate their Regionals performance to suicide prevention. I don’t know if I totally buy this apparent repentance. Maybe it’s because Sebastian is just such a natural villain, but something about it just seems like an act. But I can’t see any reason for him faking so enthusiastically, so I guess we’ll see.

The rest of the episode mainly focuses on Regionals. The three choirs competing are New Directions, The Warblers, and some group we’ve never heard of called The Golden Goblets. The Warblers go first, performing “Stand” and “Glad You Came.” These were not their best performances; “Stand” sounded very buzzy and over-autotuned. New Directions crushed them with their performances of “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly,” “Stronger,” and “Here’s To Us.” Even though I usually hate mashups, “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly” was actually my favorite song of theirs; the two songs were combined seamlessly, and Santana as Nicki Minaj is absolutely glorious. Obviously, New Directions took first place.

Rachel and Finn, in yet another burst of spontaneity, decide to hold their wedding right after Regionals. Their entire wedding party consists of glee club members, which raises the question: do they have any other friends? Quinn has to run home to grab her bridesmaid dress, holding up the ceremony. Rachel and Quinn exchange frantic text  messages as Quinn speeds down the road trying to make it on time. Meanwhile, Finn’s and Rachel’s parents use this time to come up with plans to stop the wedding, which include objecting when the priest says “Speak now or forever hold your peace,” and faking an epileptic seizure. However, their problems are nothing next to what happens next. In the very last seconds, Quinn glances down to send a text message saying “ON MY WAY” — and a truck smashes into her car. (This part feels a bit like the kind of driving safety video you watch in school, but it is incredibly surprising nonetheless.)

Quite the cliffhanger.  Will Rachel and Finn go through with their wedding? Will Quinn survive? Since this episode marks the start of Glee’s winter hiatus, it will be a full two months until we find out. Until then, I’ll just have to try to survive myself.

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