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In this week’s “Prom-asaurus,” Glee does their second prom episode. I would complain that they’re running out of ideas, but this episode was awesome so I am giving them a pass. I think what I loved was that not a lot happened. Lately they have been cramming so many plot lines into one episode that it was almost headache-inducing, but in this episode they were just enjoying their big night together and it was fun to watch. But it’s not like the episode was pure fluff, so let me give a brief outline of what did happen:

Brittany settles on a prom theme of dinosaurs. Prom court nominees include Finn, Santana, Quinn, Brittany, and two other people who will not win because they are not major characters. Finn and Quinn campaign together, which makes Rachel mad; Hair gel is banned which makes Blaine mad which in turn makes Kurt mad; Becky isn’t nominated for prom queen which makes her mad; Puck won’t be graduating so he is still sad. So they decide to throw an anti-prom at a hotel (it sucks). Quinn uses her paralysis to gain the sympathy vote for prom queen, even though she is able to walk thanks to her physical therapy. Finn gets mad and leaves to see Rachel, and he and the anti-prom crew all head to prom together. Quinn tallies the vote and finds that she won, but instead decides Rachel deserves it more and announces her as the prom queen. Then everyone has a jolly old time for the rest of the night.

So basically it was a nice, simple, cute episode! Obviously it wasn’t the plot that made it work (since the plot was probably the simplest one they’ve had all season), but the little things. So now let’s discuss those lovely little things right now:

  • Blaine’s hair un-gelled! This was a pretty great moment for me, because it looks so similar to Darren Criss’s hair before he came to Glee. Of course, this is coming from a huge Darren Criss fangirl, but still — seeing poor Blaine all worried about how people will react to his natural hair was priceless.

Left: Blaine's hair, sans gel; Right: Darren Criss's hair, pre-Glee

  •  Brittany and the dinosaur-headed Cheerios performing “Dinosaur.” This is certainly one of Ke$ha’s less popular songs, and it’s kind of mean to old people, but I do adore Brittany’s Ke$ha voice. Also, this performance really showcases Brittany’s dance moves, which is something that does not happen enough on the show considering that Heather Morris is probably the show’s most highly-trained cast member.
  • Seeing Finn yell at Quinn. It becomes apparent in this episode that Quinn is pretty much unchanged by her accident, at least in terms of personality. Her little sympathy-vote stunt proved that she is just as manipulative, self-centered, and crazy as she was before. And sure, she gave up her prom queen title to Rachel — but she still managed to put the spotlight on herself by hopping out of her wheelchair in the middle of Rachel and Finn’s dance as Prom Queen and King.
  • The Glee guys performing “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.” I’m not a One Direction fan, but I kind of really like this song, especially the Glee version. …don’t judge me okay.
  • Rachel looked so lovely in her prom dress it made me want to cry.
  • Puck and Becky walking into prom as anti-King and anti-Queen, both adorned with what looked like pizza-box crowns on their heads. It was just sweet and adorable and I think Puck and Becky should be best friends.
  • Everyone’s photos on top of the dinosaur. Like this one. And this one. And others that I can’t find but are all just as adorable. These photos show how their senior prom is supposed to go — none of that sulk-y, yell-y, sad business that was going on earlier!

So yes, basically I really enjoyed this episode. Next week will feature not one, but two episodes – “Props” and “Nationals.” So, strap in! I’m assuming they will air at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.? But it will air Tuesday, on FOX, as usual. Don’t miss it!

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