Spring Acrostic Poems

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Ms. Kramer’s 2nd grade student’s from N.A. Trimmer Elementary School within the West York Area School District wrote Spring acrostic poems.

By: Tanner Coon

Spring is fun
People playing outside
Rains a lot
I like spring
No more snow
Grass gets green

By: Aleksander Shimmel

Sun is warmer
Play outside
Rains a lot
I see leaves on the trees
No more snow
Go out side

By: Angel Jones

Spring is coming soon
Pretty flowers bloom
Rains a lot
I like to play outside
No more snow
Grass will get greener

By: Andrew Allen

Spring is fun
Playing outside is cool
Rains a lot
It’s really nice out
No more freezing cold snow
Green grass is beautiful

By: Logan Lecrone

Spring is my favorite season
Playing outside is really fun
Roses are my favorite flowers to pull
It storms a lot
Nice flowers start to bloom
Grass will get greener

By: Ian Gemmill

Sitting and looking for birds
Paint your house
Rains a lot in the spring
I can run and play
Next time spring will come back
Grandma can come to visit

By: Alex Nikkanen

Spring is cool
Playing outside longer
Rains very, very much
I can find things outside
No more winter coats
Grass is greener

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  1. ph my gosh these poems are really nice

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