Celebrate Pirates

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Every year, September 19 is “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” and although the holiday is now past, we celebrate the idea here at Junior Dispatch by offering these pirate-themed activities all year long. And, just to keep in the spirit of things, the rest of this section will be in “Pirate Speak.”

Arrr! We gots a lot ‘o thin’s fer ye to do on dis grand holiday! Jus’ let us take da wheel and enjoy yerselfs!

Visit these “sea”-sites fer lots ‘o swashbucklin’ fun.

Take a gander at th’ fine colorin’ pages we mades fer ye. Thar be a mix o’ pirate fun and other seaside fun fer th’ young salts out thar. Jus’ click on yer favorite an’ download it!

(When yer done coloring ‘em. Have mom and pop scan ‘em inta the computer and e-mail them to us for some amazing loot of yer own.)

Ye might be intrigued by piratin’ e’en more, so have a blast watchin’ these videos.

‘o course, whar would piratin’ be without th’ grand traditions ‘o Robert Louis Stephenson’s “Treasure Island”? Ye can read that fab’lous story here ‘n listen to tha same thin’ here.
‘N if that barnacle-covered seadog’s story just isn’t that be all I can take fer ye, give a go’ at these other scurvy pirate stories!