Acrostic poems for Thanksgiving

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First grade students in Mrs. Stephanie Winemiller’s class at Paradise Elementary, Spring Grove Area School District, wrote these very thoughtful acrostic poems about Thanksgiving.

Two of my friends like Thanksgiving.
Houses are fun to look at on Thanksgiving.
A turkey was in my friend’s yard one time
No one has seen me eat the ham.
K is in Thanksgiving.
Some people don’t celebrate Thanksgivng.
Giving presents is fun!
I love Thanksgiving a lot!
Valentine’s Day is not as fun as Thanksgiving.
I love my family on Thanksgiving.
No one brings snacks but my Nanny.
Good food on Thanksgiving makes my stomach feel good.
By Karsen Hax

Thanksgiving is fun because your family visits.
Holidays are fun because you get to eat turkey.
Alyssa’s grandmother goes over to her house.
Noah wants to come over too!
Katie can come over if she wants to.
Some holidays are fun.
Good turkey is what my mom makes!
I love turkey! Do you?
Very thankful for the fun.
I love Thanksgiving!
No homework! Yeah!
Good dinner mommy!
By Alyssa Chittum

Thanksgiving is fun.
How many people eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
A turkey for Thanksgiving.
November is when Thanksgiving is.
Kids eat on Thanksgiving.
Some kids don’t get to play on Thanksgiving.
Great holidays are in November!
I eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
Very happy people enjoy Thanksgiving!
I love Thanksgiving.
Now Thanksgiving is here.
Great holiday!
By Mason Miller

The people my brother and I see on Thanksgiving love us!
Honey it is time to have lunch with your family now.
Aunt Karen’s favorite food is turkey.
Nice great grandfather gave us presents.
Kids like me have turkey.
Silly turkeys are killed for dinner and people have fun with family.
Give turkey to the world on Thanksgiving.
I love Thanksgiving!
Very sweet people love each other.
I love you and you love me.
Nothing stops holiday fun.
Give love to all people.
By Edie Rumbaugh

Turkeys are what we eat on Thanksgiving.
Holidays like Thanksgiving are fun.
A feast is fun on Thanksgiving.
Now it is Thanksgiving time.
Kids eat on Thanksgiving.
Some things are fun on Thanksgiving!
Great and fun things happen in November.
I love Thanksgiving!
Very fun times happen on Thanksgiving.
I am very hungry on Thanksgiving.
Next week on Thanksgiving I will be happy.
Get ready for Thanksgiving!
By Christian Eyster

Ten turkeys I ate!
Holidays are fun.
A turkey is not lucky.
No children allowed.
Katie comes to my house to celebrate.
Sometimes I eat but sometimes I don’t!
Get ready for Thanksgiving.
I love Thanksgiving.
Very good food.
I love stuffing.
No one comes to my house.
Go get a turkey.
By Paige Little

The two turkeys are eating.
Holidays are fun.
A turkey is for Thanksgiving.
Noah is coming to my house for dinner.
Kids get turkey on Thanksgiving.
Some bears hibernate in the winter.
Girls give turkey to boys.
I love Thanksgiving!
Very good food to eat.
I have a lot of family.
Nice people pray for God.
Grandmas love holidays.
By Ashton Lubbers

Turkey is good at Thanksgiving!
Honey is good at Thanksgiving.
A Thanksgiving feast is fun.
No one gets presents on Thanksgiving.
Kids play on Thanksgiving.
Sometimes I eat apple sauce.
Good times on Thanksgiving.
I am happy on Thanksgiving.
Very big turkey on the table at Thanksgiving.
I have lots of people at my house.
Noisy on Thanksgiving.
Go to the feast!
By Paige Costella

Thanksgiving is a holiday.
Holidays are fun but I love Thanksgiving.
A holiday is fun.
No one will come to my house but family.
Kali comes to my house.
Sometimes I eat turkey.
Go to the store mommy because we need a feast.
I love Thanksgiving.
Very hungry people go to my grandmas on Thanksgiving.
I love to eat chicken.
Noah comes to my house.
Grandma tells grandpa that dinner is ready.
By Katie Brandt

Thanksgiving is a holiday.
Holidays are awesome.
Apples fall off of trees at Thanksgiving.
Nice people come over to my house.
Kids eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
Snacks go away at Thanksgiving.
Go to the store to buy turkey.
I have a turkey for Thanksgiving.
Very good food on Thanksgiving.
I love holidays but Thanksgiving is my favorite of all.
Noah is my name.
Go to get a turkey for a feast.
By Noah Church

The turkeys are really big!
Holidays are fun like Thanksgiving.
Apples on Thanksgiving.
Noah can come to Thanksgiving with us.
Kids are coming to my house.
Stuffing I love to eat.
Give a turkey to me.
I am excited to go to Thanksgiving dinner.
Very hungry people come to my house.
I like mashed potatoes and gravy.
Nice, I like to be nice on Thanksgiving.
Good to be a little girl.
By Larisa Wray

Thanksgiving is here.
How many people like turkey?
Alyssa goes to her friend’s house.
Next week we are learning about Thanksgiving.
Kids like turkey legs.
Sometimes people celebrate Thanksgiving on a weekend.
Good food is good.
I love the Thanksgiving holiday!
Vicky is a good babysitter for me on Thanksgiving night.
I love special holidays.
Noah comes to my house and celebrates Thanksgiving.
Go to buy a turkey.
By Emily Lupian

Thanksgiving is with turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving!
All day I eat stuffing!
No I do not want stuffing now.
K is in turkey.
Sometimes I rake leaves on Thanksgiving.
Giving is good.
I like turkey.
Very very good!
I like Thanksgiving very much.
Now it is really good.
Giving thanks is really good.
By Bryan Roth

Thanksgiving is my family’s favorite holiday.
Holidays like Thanksgiving are fun.
A feast on Thanksgiving.
ON Thanksgiving we have a feast.
My dad’s cousins and Kids come to our house on Thanksgiving.
Sometimes snacks are made in America.
Get ready for Thanksgiving.
I like Thanksgiving.
I loVe Thanksgiving and my family loves it too!
My family and I like Thanksgiving.
Now it is soon time to get ready for Thanksgiving
Get ready for Thanksgiving Day and the celebration.
By Bryce Ball

Turkeys are good to eat!
Hungry people eat turkey.
After dinner we can play games.
Next we can eat again.
Kids like turkey.
Sometimes I eat turkey.
Good good turkey.
I like turkey.
Very old people eat stuffing.
I like stuffing.
Nice people eat turkey with me!
Go to the Thanksgiving parade.
By Deric Anthony

Turkey is good to eat on Thanksgiving.
How many people eat turkey?
A turkey goes in the cooking pot.
Nana loves turkey.
Kali likes to eat turkey.
Supper is good on Thanksgiving.
Giving people food is the best on Thanksgiving.
I give away food to help people.
Very big turkey!
I love Thanksgiving.
Nana always makes me food.
Giving poor people food is nice.
By Kali Kanwischer

Thanksgiving is a day people eat turkey.
How do people hunt for Turkey?
Animals like turkeys are hunted!
Now it is Thanksgiving! Hooray!
Kill this turkey! Get back here turkey!
Some people might celebrate.
Good food like turkey is yummy.
I like turkey. It is yummy!
Very many people may like Thanksgiving – or not!
I think Thanksgiving is fun!
Next after Thanksgiving is Christmas.
Good Thanksgiving to everyone!
By Wyatt Wyatt Stambaugh

Thanksgiving has turkey.
Happy people eat turkey.
A turkey is a bird.
Now do you get it?
Kids like it when it’s Thanksgiving!
Sometimes I eat chicken.
Good Thanksgiving!
I love chicken.
Very old people eat turkey.
I am cold on Thanksgiving.
Noah can come to my house.
Good people help other people.
By Lizzy Minetola

The turkey is happy.
Happy Thanksgiving!
All day I eat turkey.
No I do not want turkey now.
Kids like turkey.
Sometimes I eat stuffing.
Go to the party.
I do not like peas on Thanksgiving night.
Very old people eat turkey!
I am very happy when it is Thanksgiving.
No I do not want stuffing.
Go to the feast.
By Daniel Gordon

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