Three poetry styles from Red Lion Jr. High

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Mrs. Julie Urey, an 8th grade language arts teacher at Red Lion Area Junior High School, submitted poetry that was written by her students.

Metaphor poems:

My family lives in an IPod.
When it is turned on, I leave.
My mom is the music that keeps the beat and all of us going.
Jimmy is the headphones that tries to keep us connected to one another.
My little brother, Ryan, is the video game that keeps playing and running the battery down.
My sister, Lisa, is the memory that attempts to save us all.
I am the protective cover that keeps us safe from being scratched.
– By Danny Graffious

My family lives in a closet.
My mom is the light that helps me see the way.
My dad is the dust that sometimes I just brush off.
My dog is the electricity that helps mom brighten our way.
I am the darkness.
– By Aaron Stone

My family lives in an XBox.
My dad is the cord that connects us.
My mom is the fun games.
I am the hard drive that never forgets.
by Dylan Redding

Diamante poems:

Fun, excited
Dancing, playing, watching
Games, videos, school, bedtime
Sleeping, studying, punished
Terrible, lazy
– By Matt Alston

Cold, wet
Crashing, splashing, bouncing
Precipitation, water, solar, sunrise
Setting, warming, burning
Yellow, orange
– By Randi Ishman

Cinquain poems:

Fun, challenging
Riding, grinding, flipping
Keeps you in shape
– By Quenntin Detter

Exciting, wonderful
Riding, swimming, running
Always eating the candy
Amusement Park
– By Whitney McCarty

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