The three little ants

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This story was written by Hannah Kaliszak during class time as a writing assignment. She is a third grade student at Loganville-Springfield Elementary School. Her teacher is Mrs. Melodee S. Sherwood.

Once upon time there were three little marching ants and only three. They were singing, “We’re three marching ants going up a hill.” They went up a hill and down a hill. The marching ants were marching away with no harm.

Until they noticed they were in a basketball court. A big and orange ball almost hit them. They screamed with horror, “Aaaaaaah!” They all screamed.

But the sister ant named Sara Lu just stood there taping her foot with her arms crossed. “Guys,” she said. The boys kept screaming, “Guys! Guys!’’

“What?” The boys screamed.

“At least the ball didn’t hit us.”

The big brother named Ben said, “Yea, it’s true.”

Tray the little brother said the same thing.

But when they were done talking … they noticed that all the kids were on the equipment and not on the basketball court so they knew they were locked in. This time they all screamed.

Sara Lu said, “Calm down, we’re going to be alright’’.

The boys yelled, “How?”

“Cause we’re ants, we can fit through holes and everything’’.

“Oh, yea”.

“Let’s look.”

“OK,” they shouted. The ants went along finding away out.

Suddenly something crawled out of a big brown pole. And they yelled, “Who is that?”

Is it a bug like us?’’ said Tray.

But then they heard a low voice that said, “Yes, I am
your grandfather.”

“Yea,” they all chanted, “Grandfather, we have never seen you before.”

“I know.”

“How come you’re here?”

“Because. I got stuck here when I was a kid. I was scared to come out because I was scared they would either step on me or bounce the ball on top of me. And smash me like I’m a piece of cement. BOOM!”

“Well, they won’t,” said Sara Lu. After that, they started to look for a way out again.

“I found a way out! I found a way out! Tray kept screaming.

“What did you find?”

“A huge hole.”

“If it’s a big one then we’re going to fit,” said Sara Lu.

And it was a big hole as Tray said.

Finally, when they climbed through the hole, all the ants, Grandpa Lu, Sara Lu, Ben Lu, and Tray Lu were all marching away and singing again, “We’re four marching ants going up a hill. To our home!”

And they lived on an ant hill and never left their family again.


  1. hey hopefully u like my story because i worked hard on it. also, i had to type it and then my teacher accidently erased my account on the school internet so it was the end of the day and i had to finish it and i could’t save so i printed it right away when i finished but i got home safely.

  2. I LOVE it!!!! You have a talent for many things,writing has just been added to the list…I love You

  3. could not help my self from commenting again!
    story is just to cute! you are such a reliebl friend.:]

  4. Kira i know u alredy know it cause i had to read it to the class

  5. i was sick remember! any way so cute;]!

  6. Um no you weren’t.