Personal stories from Mount Wolf Elem.

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First-graders in Sue Zortman’s classroom at Mount Wolf Elementary, Northeastern School District, wrote these stories.

Super Dad
My dad said he is Superman. We have evidence. In my room I have a picture of him wearing his blue, red, and yellow suit in front of the American flag. He has black hair. He works at the newspaper. He throws me in the air and catches me. He also wears glasses. He runs out the door and I don’t know where he goes. So you can see why I think my dad is Superman. — By Emma Simcoe

A Story for My Sister
How sweet are you? You are my sister. Can’t you see how much I love you? It is too big to tell.
You are tiny for me but big for you. I love you. You are so special to me. With a great big hug you will see how much I love you.
I know we get in fights. But I still love you. You are so very sweet. When I look at a heart, it reminds me of you because I love you.
With a hug and a kiss you will see how much I love you. You are a big part of my life. X and O, you know how much I love you. — By Sydney Kling

The Best Day Ever
Over the weekend I went shopping to buy some summer clothes. It was short sleeve shirts and some shorts. My brother got some shoes and my other brother got a shirt. We went to a Chinese restaurant. We got some food. It was delicious.
Then we went home to eat again. We got some ice cream and some pizza. It was pepperoni and we watched a funny movie. It was the best day ever. — By Melvin Miles IV

I like black and white penguins because they walk and have babies in the cold lake. They walk on the slippery ice. Babies hatch out of the egg. The mom penguins spit the fish in the baby’s mouth. My favorite animal is the penguin. — By Kaylee Sherman

I love My Mommy and My Daddy
I love my mommy and I love my daddy because they take care of me. They love me and I love them. For lunch today my dad put a heart on my sandwich. My daddy lets me play on his computer when he gets home from work. My mommy cooks for Daddy, me, my brother, and for herself. She also lets us play the Wii. I love my mommy and my daddy. — By Madelyn Bell

Playing in the Snow
I like winter because there is snow and I build snowmen. I like to wear my snowsuit and I go outside to play in the snow with my little brother, Elija. We have a snowball fight in the front yard. We also make snow angels. Then we go inside to warm up. Winter is fun because people can play in the snow. — By Lyric Biehl

The Star Wars Song
I like the Star Wars song because it is awesome. You can hear the song in Star Wars movies. It sounds like dun, dun, dun, dun, dundun, dun, dundun! The Jedi’s and Clone Troopers start to battle when the song stops. It’s the coolest song. — By Luke Wadkins

The Picnic at the Park
Yesterday, I took my dog, Deasel, for a walk to the park. My father and mother and sister came along too. We had a picnic. We brought a bone for Deasel, sandwiches, watermelon, juice boxes, donuts for later, and some freeze pops. When we were done, we played and Deasel got another bone too. I played on the monkey bars. My sister played on the tire swing, and my dad and mom chased us around the park. Deasel barked really loud. I had fun at the park. So did my family. — By Mackenzie Ney

My Dirt Bike
Next week I am going to get a dirt bike. My other bike is broken. Now I am going to get the dirt bike. I can’t wait to get it. I am going to get the dirt bike at Wal-Mart. I would like a green one. I can’t wait for next week. I am going to show it to everybody. — By Jusmin Kalkan

My Sister’s Birthday
My sister’s name is Gretta. Her birthday was at a hotel with a water park. It was fun. If you go on the monkey bars and fall in, you fall in the freezing cold water. If you go in the hot Jacuzzi, you will be warm and there are bubbles. There is a slide. The slide goes outside and back in the warm water. It was an awesome time. — By Griffin Garman

St. Patrick’s Day
Guess what? Guess What? This St. Patrick’s Day a leprechaun got me a new Webkinz! I love Webkinz because I can put them on the computer. It is fun to play on the computer. There is an arcade and places to go. Webkinz are awesome! — By Dylin Schulz

The Soccer Tournament
I won my soccer tournament on Saturday. There were 1st graders and kindergarteners. My tournament has three games. If I lose, I get to go home. But luckily I won. It’s really hard. You run really hard, kick really hard, and you have to be a good goalie. But I still listen to my coach. That’s how I can be a good tournament player. — By Nathan Toomey

A Ride to the Bridges
After school I’m going to a bridge. First we will go left, then right, then straight. Finally we will be there. — By Francis Fondriest

A Calendar
We use a calendar every day. First, we go to school. Then, the calendar person does the date for the day. Next, the calendar person does the weather. Last, Mrs. Zortman puts the number of days we have been in school. It is important to do the calendar. — By Jordan Thompson

My Tooth
I lost my tooth. I told my dad that I lost my tooth. My dad said, “That is good.” My dad was happy and so was I. Then I told my mom. She was happy too. The tooth fairy took my tooth and I got money. — By Keryn Alequin-Frech

My Grandma
I can’t wait because my dad’s mom is coming out on my birthday. She lives in Las Vegas. She is coming in August. We are going to play basketball. Then we are going to the park. Last we will go to the mall and shop. I am excited my grandma is coming out. — By Dakota McCullen

Roses Smell Good
I like roses because they smell good. They smell like Olay lotion. Roses can be purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. The stems are sharp. The petals are soft. Roses are very beautiful. — By Alexandra Seighman

Trout Fishing Day
I went trout fishing with my Pappy. I caught two trout and then I caught three trout. I caught five trout all together. I sat next to the water to catch fish. We had to get up at five o’clock because we had to find our spot. We ate by the water. We came home at four o’clock. The fishing trip was fun. — By Jordan Brauer

Playing With My Friends
I like playing with Brayden, Nathan, and Luke. First, we played with Luke’s army men. Next, we played Lego Star Wars. Then we ate some vanilla ice cream. Later, we jumped on my trampoline. Last, we went to bed. — By Owen Kohr


  1. you all did a great job on your stories.

    WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Way to go kids! Great stories!

  3. Way to go kids!

  4. Way to Go Kids!
    You all Did a GREAT JOB.

  5. I really enjoyed the stories from all the children.Their stories were very well written.
    Good job!!!


  7. Luke–you and your friends did a GREAT JOB!! We can see how hard everyone has been working. Keep up the good work.

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