Kid Scoop: Grade 4 jokes/riddles

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These stories were submitted to the Junior Dispatch by Kid Scoop, a Newspapers in Education program at the York Newspaper Co.

Students in Mr. Richcrick’s fourth grade class at Fishing Creek Elementary wrote these summer jokes and riddles.

– By Eli Cooper
What would you get if worms ruled the world?
+-+-+-+-+-+ global worming

– By Lexi Fitz
Who can you always find in the summer time?
+-+-+-+-+-+ Sandy Beach

– By Kyle Terry
Why did the turtle go to Hollywood?
+-+-+-+-+-+ He wanted to be a starfish

– By Spencer Davis
Why did the duck cross the meadow?
+-+-+-+-+-+To get stamped on by Billy Bob the Penguin

– By Athena Tolentino
What is Dracula’s favorite kind of ice cream?
+-+-+-+-+-+ blooderscotch

– By Elissa Keefer
Why don’t you know how to swim?
+-+-+-+-+-+ My dog never taught me.

By Emily Snelbaker
How do you stay on the water for two years?
+-+-+-+-+-+ You’re on a navy ship.

– By Mikayla Close
P: Hey, Bob.
B: What?
P: Why didn’t you come to the spring-to-summer show last night?
B: Because I didn’t want to wait that long.

– By Athena Tolentino
What is an ape’s favorite kind of cookie?
+-+-+-+-+-+ chocolate chimp

By Shaylin Gingerich
Why was the chicken lying in the hot sun?
+-+-+-+-+-+ He wanted to become a hot chicken nugget.

– By Bailey Dunn
Where did you learn to swim?
+-+-+-+-+-+ In the water.

– By Stevie Claussen
They say she’s been asked to get married hundreds of times.
Really? By Whom?
Her parents.

– By Addy Kishbaugh
Why did the chicken cross the road?
+-+-+-+-+-+ Because a cook was chasing him.

– By Matt Malhenzie
Chase Utley did not have any fans in the fall, but why did have a lot in the summer?
+-+-+-+-+-+ He needed to cool off.

– By Cat Reyna
Who ran 50 miles without a drink of water?
+-+-+-+-+-+ Willie Makeit

– By Madison Heid
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Do you want?
Do you want whom?
Well, do you want ice cream?

– By Jesse Troutman
Why did the sun cross the road?
+-+-+-+-+-+ To get to the Sunatory.

– By Elissa Keefer
Why did the sun come out?
+-+-+-+-+-+ The clouds were blocking his view.