Kid Scoop: What freedom means to me

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These stories were submitted to the Junior Dispatch by Kid Scoop, a Newspapers in Education program at the York Newspaper Co.Students in Carol J. Myers’ sixth-grade class at E.H. Markle Intermediate School wrote what freedom means to them.

Freedom means all the soldiers fighting in the wars. Freedom means to not be owned by anybody. It means being able to make choices and protest peacefully. This is what freedom means to me. — Gavin Kenny

Freedom means that we have rights. Freedom also means we have a good government. — Robbie Lohr

Freedom means having the right to speak your mind honestly. It means being able to believe in whatever you want. Yes, it is very important. Having freedom gives you the rights to openly express yourself without fear of retribution. Would our ancestors have fought the Revolutionary War if freedom wasn’t important? — Molly Hundertmark

In my perspective, I think freedom is important. The reason why is because without freedom this country wouldn’t be what it is today. Without freedom the USA would still be ruled by England. Without freedom, people might as well just be slaves. Freedom is important because without freedom people would not be expressing who they are. That’s why freedom is important to me. — Lauren Flemion

Freedom is very important to me. We have so many rights and choices than other countries don’t. I mean just look at what’s going on in the Middle East. People are being killed just for speaking their mind. We have the right to protest peacefully. That makes us lucky. We have the right to express ourselves. Imagine being told what to eat, what to wear, who to talk to, and where to go your whole life. I don’t think I could stand a life like that; no freedom. This is why I think freedom is important. — Kate Wisner

Normally I don’t think that freedom is a privilege, but when I see all the countries without freedom suffering, it gets to me. So, yeah, I do believe freedom is important because it means that I am not ruled by someone else, and I make my own choices, right or wrong. I control my actions and my actions only. With these actions, I want to make the world free, all of the world, so there will be no more suffering! I want people to live free now and forever. So, let’s make a change! — Bonna Sheehan

What does freedom mean to me? Hmmm, well to me freedom means that you are free to do lots of things like worship your own religion and freedom of speech. I think it is important because if we didn’t have it, then think of all the things we couldn’t do. — Owen Friesland

Freedom means that I can freely state my opinions, do what I want, and worship the god I want to worship. Freedom is something that is very important to my family and me. I think we are very lucky to have the freedoms we have! — Katie Fleming

What does freedom mean to me? Let’s see, where to begin. To me, when I hear the word freedom, I immediately think of all the people who fought for our freedom against England so many years ago. Also, I can’t forget about the people fighting to keep our country together after it was divided in two. Is freedom important? Absolutely. Think of where we’d be if all the wars I mentioned never happened. Can you imagine it? This is the world without freedom. It’s definitely not as spectacular as the world with freedom. This is what freedom means to me. — Jocelyn Peter

When I think of what freedom means, I think it’s the ability to say or do what I want to do if it’s not illegal. Freedom is so important because I can live where I want to. I can worship the religion I choose. I can work where I want to. When I am of age, I can vote and drive. If I didn’t have freedom, I would be controlled and I wouldn’t have any say in what I do. — Mollie Riner

What does freedom mean to me? Well, freedom is important. It’s a gift just like life. You have the freedom to think what you want and you have the freedom of choice. Also the people who fought for your freedom are important. You better thank them! — Nathan Prout

Freedom means that you have more opportunities no matter who you are. This is important because in some countries you many not be able to do things depending on your age, race, or gender. I’m glad to live in a free country. — Gina Dodd

What does freedom mean to me? Well, it means everything to me. Freedom is very important. We can do lots of things other people can’t. We have a choice. That is what freedom means to me. — Ryan Wolf

To me, freedom means making a choice. Freedom means the ability to speak my mind. Freedom means that I have rights. To me, freedom is great and very important. Without freedom, the government can tell us how to live our lives. Being a “slave” and having no freedom is not fun. Countries have riots in the streets and protests to have more freedom. Countries are jealous of our freedom. Freedom is great and I hope we never lost it. — Mark Weiss

To me freedom is very important and we wouldn’t be the same without certain freedoms. For example, freedom of speech, freedom from Britain, and most importantly, equal rights and justice. Freedoms like these make our lives a lot better. It also makes the USA a great place. What does freedom mean to you? — Nicia Werner

Freedom means a lot to me like I get to wear what I want, and go to the school I want, to say what I want. It is all so important to me. I am glad to live here and have these freedoms. If I didn’t have freedom, I would be sad. — Maclay Mathias

Sometimes we take things for granted. We’re lucky to have freedom. Freedom is being able to speak your mind and to be who you want to be without being beheaded. In the land of the free, we thrive in a democracy where people are allowed to choose their religion and don’t approve of slavery. Sure there are limits or consequences, but that’s to keep everyone in order instead of mass chaos. I think freedom is important. If it wasn’t, why do you think people fight for it? Freedom allows us to express ourselves and to pursue happiness. — Sabrina Lam