Southern teachers receive Outstanding Awards

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Glen Rock, Pa – Two teachers from the Southern York County School District are the most recent recipients of the “Outstanding Teacher Award” for 2011-12, sponsored by the Shippensburg University School Study Council.

Susquehannock High School Math Teacher Maureen Honeychuck and Southern Elementary School Librarian Lynn Clements were honored with the award this fall at a luncheon at the University. In addition, both were also selected as Shippensburg “Guest Lecturers,” where they will teach a session this year to college students who aspire to become teachers.

“This is the 13th year in a row that we had at least one of our teachers receive this award,” Superintendent Thomas Hensley said.

As a high school math teacher, Honeychuck teaches honors classes in Algebra I and III along with Pre-Calculus. She has been teaching for 12 years, eight of which have been at Susquehannock.

“Teaching was a career change for me,” Honeychuck said. “I worked in the banking and insurance industries as a systems analyst for several years. After I became a parent, I found that I was fascinated with how my children learned. That was one of the many unexpected joys of parenting and I decided that it was a topic that I wanted to pursue in my work.”

As a result, Honeychuck returned to school, and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching and a certificate to teach secondary math through John’s Hopkins University.

“I am honored by the award because I am surrounded by outstanding teachers,” she said. “Many of my best practices come from ideas, advice, and wisdom shared by my colleagues.”

As a guest lecturer this year, Honeychuck will return to Shippensburg and discuss how she uses the teaching practice of reflection to guide her teaching and improve her curriculum and instruction each year.

“I intend to share a lesson that I developed from an article I read,” she said. “I will show the teacher candidates how I tweaked the lesson many times from the first time I taught it to its current state.”

Likewise, Lynn Clements, who serves as the librarian at Southern Elementary School, was nominated for the award by the elementary principals. She will also lecture to Shippensburg education students during the school year.

“I feel very honored, as I teach with such a fine staff of professionals in this District,” Clements said. “It is especially nice to be honored, as I am a ‘specialist’ and I think it recognizes the fact that we are all teachers, with the same goal of teaching our students in the best way possible.”

Having been a teacher for 23 years, Clements has worked at Southern Schools for the last six years. Prior to coming to Southern, Clements also taught in North Carolina and Virginia. Highlights of her career include several professional opportunities, she said. She was a National Endowment of the Humanities Fellow and an Eisenhower Fellow. In addition, Clements has written and received numerous grants for instructional programs with which she has implemented through the years.

In addition, Clements also focuses on the use of technology and its implications for school libraries. Most recently, she received a Library Services Technology Act (LSTA) grant which allowed for the purchase of netbooks and iPads for student use in the school’s library.

“That being said, I still love the satisfaction of a child who comes back and tells me that a book I recommended was just right.”

The selection process for each of these teachers included recommendation letters from the schools’ administration. The teachers also supplied information on their professional backgrounds as well.

“Congratulations are extended to Maureen and Lynn on this outstanding honor,” Hensley said. “Both are very deserving of this recognition.”

From left are Thomas Hensley, District Superintendent; Sandra Lemmon, Assistant Superintendent; Honeychuck; Cheryl Slattery, Shippensburg Associate Professor; and Robert Bryson, Susquehannock High School Principal.

From left are Hensley, Lemmon, Clements, Slattery and Donna Koval, Southern Elementary Principal.