Kindergartners are thankful

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Mrs. Diane Jordan, a kindergarten teacher at Conewago Elementary School, Northeastern School District, wrote, “My kindergarten told what they are most thankful for as we learn about Thanksgiving.”

Parents, teachers, scout masters, youth group leaders and caregivers: You can submit your kid-created items to the Junior Dispatch. Find out how!

I am thankful for …

… my cats because they are funny. Socks always meows at my daddy. Reese Barnard

… my brother because he shares his toys with me. Kylie Beard

… my daddy because he lets me have healthy food. Carter Bradley

… my sister because she loves me. Ryan Collazo

… my family because Mommy could make me my supper. Buck Dentler

… my bed because I like to sleep on it. Keira Eichelberger

… food because I like it. Kourtney Garbarino

… my friends because they like to play with me and I like to play with them. Ethan Hurt

… my family because they play games with me. Andrew Kidwell

… my mommy because I like her. Billy Roelke

… my Pappy because he died and we put flowers on his grave. Grant Schwalm

… my family because they are nice to me. Kamden Sharp

… my mom because she buys me food. Brooke Shorts

… my mommy because I love her. When it’s my birthday she gets me really good presents. Zakary Smith

… my sister because she is nice to me. Zoe Wales

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  1. Brooke, I am thankful to have such a wonderful daughter. Your smile brightens my day and being with you gives me a warm feeling inside. You are the light in my life. I am so proud of you. I love you baby girl! Love, Mommy :)

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