The Pocket Cartoon Course guide

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Beginning in August 2011, the Junior Dispatch ran a series of articles that helped guide youngsters on the art of Cartooning.

Our instructional course was based on the “Pocket Cartoon Course,” a 1940s giveaway booklet from the Snack-Pack Co. from Indiana.

While it was written a long time ago, most of the lessons were useful for today’s up-and-coming artists.

Now the Junior Dispatch offers you this handy guide to the complete course on cartooning, complete with additional hints and great videos!



Junior Dispatch hopes that you explore your artistic side with the help with the Pocket Cartoon Course. When you do, you should send us some of your work to display to the whole world.

You can e-mail scans of your work to

You can send originals or copies of your art for us to scan at:
Junior Dispatch
c/o The York Dispatch
1891 Loucks Road
York, Pa. 17408

If you want your originals returned, include an self-addressed and stamped envelope that that’s big enough to fit your art inside.

Finally, tell us what you think of each lesson in the comments!



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