Battle of the Buildings raises scholarship funds

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Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa. – Administrators, teachers and staff from the Southern York County School District battled one another recently as they raced like caterpillars, tossed footballs and beach balls, bowled, and played hockey with lemons, all in order to raise money for the Southern York County School District Foundation’s scholarship program.

The fourth annual Battle of the Buildings raised more than $5,900 for student scholarships. Teams from each of the six buildings competed in various races, while fans from each of the schools packed the Susquehannock High School gym and cheered for their teams.

From Admin’s Purple Team, Southern Middle’s Warrior Pride, and Susquehannock’s Warrior Nation, to Friendship Elementary’s Team Fire, Shrewsbury Elementary’s Team Storm and Southern Elementary’s Team Good Times, each school featured its own participants and events for the competition.

The humorous, yet competitive events consisted of the Caterpillar Race, Hockey Relay, Jamm’in Beach Ball Relay, Hut-Hut-Hike Relay, Three Ball Relay, and the Lemon Derby.

The Southern Middle School team, Warrior Pride, finished with the most points, and captured this year’s Battle of the Buildings trophy. Susquehannock High School’s Warrior Nation team placed second, with Friendship Elementary’s team finishing in third place.

District Athletic Director and event coordinator Chuck Abbott thanked all of the volunteers who helped make this year’s Battle of the Buildings a success. This year’s total of $5,911 surpassed the $5,237.90 that was raised last year.

“Congratulations to the Middle School for capturing the fourth annual Battle of the Buildings trophy,” Abbott said. “Also, congratulations to Southern Elementary School for being selected as the recipient of the Spirit Award. It was an awesome event. Many, many thanks to all those people who volunteered their time to help out. We could not have done it without them.”

Southern Middle School’s Warrior Pride team captured this year’s trophy.

Shrewsbury's Team Storm competes in the Caterpillar Race.

Friendship Fire staff members toss a beach ball in another event.

This year’s Battle of the Buildings raised $5,911 toward scholarships.