Kid Scoop explores the rainforest

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Kid Scoop is using today’s page to take a tour of Earth’s rainforests. One of the more important aspects of the worlds rainforests is that they help to replenish the oxygen needed for people and animals to live. Some even say that 26 percent of the world’s supply of oxygen came from the rainforest.

The problem is that, in general, the rainforest is being depleted quite quickly, mainly by people clearing it for farmland or the logging industry.

Rainforests have multiple levels, as described in Kid Scoop. The Upper Canopy is the sun-gathering region of the rainforest. The Lower Canopy catches most of the rest of the sun. The Understory is where a lot of animals make their home. The Forest floor is damp and dark, and only 2 percent of the sunlight from above makes it here.

Humans can live in the rainforest as well. In fact the rainforest is  the home of dozens of  “lost tribes” of people who live off the land — and have done so for centuries. While these groups are sometimes encountered by loggers, explorers and scientists, they largely avoid contact with the modern world.

Learn how plant and animal work together in the rainforest:

Take a look at how rainforest deforestation has been fought:

And here’s a look at some of the quiet beauty of the rainforest:

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