York Township poets share their creations

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Mrs. Brittany Brown submitted poems that were written by students in her third grade class at York Township Elementary, Dallastown Area School District.

By Quinn
Cold as ice
Sticky as glue
Melting, melting, melting
Then plop! On my new clothes!

The wind
By Max Saffell
The wind is very powerful.
I can see the trees waving to us in the wind.
I wave back to them.
I want to run and play
but our teacher is holding us back.
I want to scream but I can’t.
I watch the leaves jump up and run.

Fire and Water
By Ben Hartman
Red, Hot
Flaming, Burning, Flashing
Logs, Cooking, Pints, Gallons
Flowing, Running, Spilling
Wet, Cold

The Black and White Diamante
By Christopher J. Pantano
Dark; Night
Covering; Coloring; Scribbling
Tire; Night sky; White hare white crayon
Non-seeing; Emptying; Invisible
Light; Colorless

By Blake Pitzer and Christopher Pantano
Red round rosy rhinestones
Glittering glassy gold
Pink purpley pearls
Shiny as the sun
Glittering green gems gleam in the sun
Silver is the only light
In the night
All stuffed in a bronze treasure chest
Decorated with gems
Berried under the X
Arrrrrrrrrrr me matey

By Elijah Cleveland
All your buttons so sweet and so
right your buttons are like mission control 3.2.1. you create music.
I love your music.
Your music is like my musician self.
Boom; Boom; Boom goes my boombox.
Play it at parties.
Hip hop, r&b, pop, rock, and country too.
Friday fantastico.
I love this boombox.
like easy math.
This boombox is like family to me.

By Elizabeth Stump
Splish, Splash goes the dolphins tale
as it goes as fast as lightning
bubbles are rushing by her
as she goes to jump
then she dives deep into the big blue
splash goes the water
as she chases little fish to eat
then she meets …
Mr. dolphin with baby dolphin
and dives into the big dark blue
swimming off
like a shooting star in the night sky!

Day and Night
By Kurt Dallmeyer
Misty shiny
Looking thinking squinting
Leafs trees moon stars
Hunting sobbing raging
Dark windy

By Kurt Dallmeyer
Seagull, you fly across the horizon into the misty morning sun
Nobody asks you where you are going of things of thoughts to come
Now you fly through the sky never asking why there is a man asking
Me questions is this really the end of the world

By Kyle Baxley
Herons so majestic, powerful, smart, great.
who know you could fly so nimble
And straight?
As blue as you are you are quick, deer like, snatching fish as they
HERON great blue heron you come in white to you majestic bird just for the hunt.

By Grace Ashlin
Colorful as a rainbow jumping across the sky,
The different tastes,
Like when the fireworks explode in your mouth,
As if the flavor was one of those fireworks.
It makes my mouth FREEZE just if I was a solid statue,
Standing Very still.

By Dylan Webb
Squid weird and squishy
As gummy bear you squirt out
Ink you are very ugly so squish
Squish and you have a lot of
Moisture when you come out
Of the water and your eyeballs
POP out of your head when
People squeeze you your
Head POPS of you when
You see a knife so you
Die of no brain B 2009 D2009

By Teagan Sowers
Happy Excited
Smiling Beaming Shining
Mom Dad Clowns Dark
Hurting Crying Teasing
Mad Mean

By Chadee Simms
Not sturdy just smooth
Soft sounding,
Watching seagulls
Fly over sea,
I decide I need a turn
So I run,
And jump into the cool ocean
The waves
Are brushing
Against my neck
Try to push
Me under water
Treasure in waves
I try to catch the treasure
But it’s walking to sea.
The waves are storms
Clearing up the treasure
That got swallowed
By the waves.

By Hannah Leader
I am wood.
I go on a fire.
I do not like to be on fire’s,
Please save me.
I am wood.
People step on me.
yes I am.