Kid Scoop is in sync with Cinco de Mayo

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Today’s Kid Scoop features a look at Cinco de Mayo and all of the traditions surrounding the holiday that celebrates Mexican culture.

To fit into your local Cinco de Mayo celebration try on a sombrero, the traditional Mexican hat.

Here in America, Cinco De Mayo celebrations usually include people in traditional Mexican dress and Mariachi music. Those people usually wear a sombreros, wide-brimmed hats meant to keep the wearer cool.

Though the sombrero isn’t worn much in modern culture, in the 1800s it was widely used is essentially the Mexican version of the cowboy hat.

Unlike cowboy hats, sombreros can be purchased with a wide variety of designs on them, and those designs can be extremely intricate and beautiful.

For a quick guide on the holiday, watch this video:

Want to know how to fill up your pinata? Here are some tips: Well, not so much tips, but some girls acting goofy.

Learn about Mexico’s geography and how it has shaped the country’s history.

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