Kid Scoop: Tornado

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These stories were submitted to the Junior Dispatch by Kid Scoop, a Newspapers in Education program at the York Newspaper Co.

Topic: What would you do if a tornado was spotted?

If I was in my house alone while a tornado came I would first try to stay calm. But if I can’t I would run to the basement while screaming. Go to the little room at the end of the hall. But if I forgot my lucky dog named spot. I would scream his name while running up to my room speedy quick. I would grab him run back down back to the room and sit in the darkness until I shake like crazy then panic. So that’s what I would do. — By Dana Cutti, Grade 4, Mrs. Lindsey

I would be scared if a tornado was spotted and I was home alone. I would get the candle box from the closet. I would get something to take downstairs to eat. I would get the flashlights from the garage. I would head downstairs to the rec room and turn on my weather radio until the tornado is here. Then, I would go under the steps because that is where my tornado spot is. It is safe there because it doesn’t have any windows. Last after the tornado has come I would get out and see all the damage. — By Jacob Meakin, Grade 4, Alloway Creek, Mrs. Gross


From Carol J. Myers’ classroom, Grade 6, E.H. Markle Intermediate School

I would run into the basement and call my parents. If they were to tell me to go to another place in the house, I would move. I would stay away from the windows and take cover. That’s what I would do if a tornado was spotted near my house. — By Ricardo Taylor

As soon as I saw the tornado coming at my house, I ran for a flashlight. Then I ran for the basement. I heard the wind whipping and snapping the trees. Suddenly, I did not hear anything. Was it over? I walked out of the basement and saw trees and leaves lying everywhere. I could see the trail the tornado made. People were standing outside in shock of the damage. For the next couple of weeks people cleaned up the disaster. — By Jacob Werner

My heart rate immediately jumps. I try to calm down thinking what to do. I decide to go to my basement because it is probably the safest place in my house. I get against a wall away from windows and wait…wait…and wait. Then the tornado hits. It came and was gone. I knew I did the right thing. — By Jared Dickson

Oh my gosh! A tornado is coming at my house! My power is out so I can’t call anyone, and I don’t have a cell phone! I forget what to do for a tornado! Stop, drop and roll? Dodge and duck? Wait, I have to go to the lowest floor…the basement! I rush down to the basement (after getting a glass of chocolate milk.) I think as I’m sitting down there, “Maybe Mom will finally get me a cell phone now!” — By Hannah Scott

At first I would be scared. Then I would grab my two dogs and take them to the basement. I would get into the fetal position. I would stay down there until the tornado passes. — By Joey Dixon

I see a tornado coming at me. I’m home alone. My parents have just gone to the store. I try to call them, but the tornado has destroyed something with the phone line. It’s about two miles away. Use what I learned in school about tornados and gather food and the first aid kit and run downstairs. I wake up and realize that it was all a dream. — By Starr Church

I would first run to get my cat and Ipod. I can’t live without those things. I run downstairs. I would run into my laundry room and hide behind the cement wall which would be the first and only time I would go behind there because it has no windows, it’s pitch dark, and has cobwebs everywhere. Hopefully no tornadoes come anytime soon! — By Hannah Eveland

Well, I would try not to panic … but it would be very hard. I would use common sense and go into the basement. But first, I would quickly gather my three pets and put them into the basement. I’d also find the closest phone and take that in the basement too to call my parents and/or 911 if I needed to. If at the time I was close to the kitchen, and only if I had time, I might grab a water bottle because you never know how long I’d be down there. — By Madi Crouse

I was freaking out so I called my dad and told him. He rushed home but not fast enough. The tornado was coming straight at me as I looked out the front window. I held my dog as tight as I could because she was the only thing I could hold. My dad came running up to the front door. “How did you get here so fast?” I exclaimed. “I ran the whole way,” he said. “Daddy, I’m scared.” “I know,” he said. “We’re going to be okay.” — By Brooke Meckley

If I spotted a tornado, I would grab a big box of Goldfish and run down to the basement and get under something. I don’t know what. Why, you ask? Because when I am down in the basement, I might get hungry when I am all alone. — By Sam Slater

What I would do if a tornado was spotted? Man, I would take my dog and run to my basement (no windows) and do a turtle. When it was over, I would check and see if it was clear. Then I’d go back to living my life. — By Kaylyn Thomas

If a tornado was spotted, I would run. I’d run to my car and have my mom or dad drive. We would drive away from the tornado. If the tornado caught up, then we’re doomed. — By Marc Delaney

If I were home alone and I heard a tornado coming I would go down to the basement. I would go under a table and cover the table with a blanket so that heavy objects wouldn’t fall on my head. — By Lizzie Hedrick

I would grab a backpack and fill it with my iPod Touch, where I put my money, wallet, my retainer, my DSI, a pen, chargers for my iPod Touch and DSI and a picture of my family. Then I would run to the basement and do the turtle with my backpack in my lap. Then I would pray that my family is safe and that I will survive. — By Jamie Graham

It started to storm one evening at my house. I looked out the window and saw a tornado coming across the neighbor’s field. I ran in the house and called my family to the basement. It was very loud outside and then suddenly it was quiet. The tornado turned away. Whew! — By Roman Williams

This is what I would do … first I would run around and scream like a little girl. Second, I would control myself and see how big it is, and to see how scared I should be. Third, I would run and hide until the storm goes away. Lastly, I would say to my dog, “Charlie, we’re not in Pennsylvania anymore.” — By Benjamin Shoul

If I was in a house and a tornado was coming at me, I would go downstairs in my basement with pillows. I would stay away from windows. I would wait until it was done. When it was done, I would go upstairs. If my house was torn down, I would go for some help. — By Laykin Feeser

It was a dark stormy night. I was home alone. Suddenly a tornado was spotted. It was coming straight towards my house. Covered in fear, I was holding my cat for dear life. Together we went downstairs. Then the power went out! There was no way of communicating. I grabbed a flashlight and ran to the basement. Then the tornado came crashing through the walls. A tree that it grabbed missed me by a hair! It was so loud! Finally after two minutes, it passed. I was so happy I was alive. The worst part is over, but what will my parents say? I can’t wait to find out! — By Jennye Bekker

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was trouble. I dashed downstairs to the basement and hid. But then I remembered I left my dog outside. As quick as I could I got her and ran. I made it just in time. — By Cynthia Koubik

One day I saw a tornado coming towards my house. I tried to gather all my dogs and my cat and go down in the basement. I gathered all my stuffed animals, action figures, and electronics with me. We waited for the tornado to stop. The next day everyone and everything was okay. — By Cameron Caple


From Mr. Richcrick’s classroom, Grade 4, Fishing Creek Elementary School

If a tornado came and I was home alone I would hide down stairs and make sure that I had food and stay until the tornado was gone. — By Aaliyah Ansari

I was home alone when a tornado was coming right toward my house. I went to my basement with my dog and cat. I was so glad. After the tornado my Mom came home and we lived happily ever after, and we got a hot tub. — By Everest Robinson

If I was home alone and a tornado was coming to my house, I would run down stairs and run into my bedroom and grab my two I Pods and phone. I’d hide in a corner. That is what I would do if a tornado were coming. — By Chase Gillis

One time when I was home alone with my dog, and I was watching TV. I turned on the news and there was a tornado on my street. Quickly I grabbed some blankets, water, and food. Since I did not have a basement I ran with my dog in front of me to my neighbor’s basement. My house is about a yard away so I was there fast. — By Jara Mumma

What I would do is I would grab the animals and put them in the basement, call our neighbor to come to the basement because a tornado was coming and there will be dinner. That’s what I would do. — By Skylar Diegel

I would run around screaming, and I would fall over. — By Cayden Healy

One time I saw a tornado and my Mom told me to go under the computer desk with Serenity and Minnesota. My big sister would hide under my Mom’s bed. I was scared to death. — By Ricky Dumais

If I were home alone and heard that tornado was coming toward my house, I would run out of my house and go to an emergency underground small house and stay there until the tornado was gone. — By Faith Malley

I would run away carrying the house on my back. — By Gabby Messenger

I would call 911 to tell them I’m home alone and there’s a tornado. Then I would go into the basement until the cops came or until the tornado passed. Next I would call my parents and tell them I’m OK. — By Patrick McCullough

What I would do if I was home alone and a tornado was coming towards my house. I would go to my basement and call my mom or dad. — By Jaden Henline

I was home alone when suddenly a tornado came, and I went into the basement. — By Owen Kaun

I would go into the game room and grab all of my games and start running to New Jersey. — By Brayden Poff

If a tornado was spotted coming toward my house this is what I would do. I would grab one of my important things, some clothes, food to eat, and some drinks. I would also grab some of our dogs, their things, and blankets and pillows and run downstairs and hide. — By Mia Christensen

If there were a tornado I would get all my stuff and take the fridge and go down stairs and make a clubhouse. — By KJ Keane

I would run into the basement, shut the door, and hide in the closet in a bin. But then I was hungry and I didn’t know what did. Oh Yeah I bit my arm. — By Madison Dicely

I would grab my phone and go into the basement and call 911 and ask them what to do. Next, I would call my Mom and Dad and stay calm. — By Hannah Culp

I was home alone when suddenly a tornado was spotted coming toward my house. I called my parents down in the basement, packed my bags, went down and waited awhile. Suddenly the lights went out. I was scared. Then, when I came out, the neighbor’s house was gone. I was hugging my bags and holding the stairway. My parents told me they were very sorry and gave me money. — By Logan Graeff

I was home alone and I saw a tornado outside coming for my house. I ran upstairs and got all my stuff and ran down to the basement with my bed, X-box, and TV. I felt safe. Then I remembered my parents were at Wal-Mart. I called them and they came right away. Then I remembered my dog died and haunted our house. Then I said, “My dog is in heaven.”Later I survived and so did everybody else. — By Trevor Henderson

There’s a tornado coming and I am very scared I went out to take a look, and now I’m only in my underwear. I don’t know where it took my clothes. At least I’m safe, but I lost my clothes, but life is the way it goes. — By Caylynn Beinhower