The world of ‘Phil Hardy’

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Welcome to the “Phil Hardy” homepage here at Junior Dispatch!
This 100-episode comic strip originally ran in newspapers around the world in the 1920s, and with the help of Barnacle Press, the Junior Dispatch now offers it to you — with something extra that readers didn’t have in the twenties.


Each episode of Phil Hardy includes links to videos and other websites where you can explore the world of the 1920s and how that long-ago decade still influences what we do today.

These links are all entertaining and are 100% kid safe. Even better, they might prove to be edicational.


The comic strip, which was written by Edwin Alger and drawn by George Storm, also included a history-making moment for comic strips. We’ll let you know about that when it happens in the series.

Both Alger and Storm later worked for DC Comics, as well as several other comic publishers.


We urge you to comment on the entries. You can tell us what you think about the story or the links and videos in each entry.

You can also download and print out each comic and color it. If you do, send us a few pictures of your coloring efforts.

EPISODES 1 through 10

EPISODES 11 through 20

EPISODES 21 through 30

EPISODES 31 through 40

EPISODES 41 through 50

EPISODES 51 through 60

EPISODES 61 through 70

EPISODES 71 through 80

EPISODES 71 through 80

EPISODES 91 through 100



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