Alien friends

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This is an entry in Junior Dispatch’s alien short story contest. The effort earns the writer a free book from the York Emporium and a chance to win a $50 movie gift card and a $50 gift certificate from The York Emporium. The submission deadline was Aug. 1.

By Evelyn Bortner
Age 7, Hanover

Once upon a time there were three aliens. The first alien was Mary. The second alien was Steve. The third alien was Sami.

The aliens had two skinny arms and two skinny legs. They also had two fat, three-foot long antennas on their heads.

Every day they went to see their friend from Earth. Her name was Evelyn. But there was a mean alien named Riley. He came to invade the Earth. And why? Because he wanted to make Earth his home.

The aliens ran and ran but Evelyn got trapped. The aliens tried to catch her, but they could not. Evelyn was too heavy so the cage broke. The three aliens got Riley trapped instead.

Evelyn and the aliens were so happy and they never saw Riley again. Then one day Riley came back, but he was nice! He played with the aliens and Evelyn every day.

Riley had a sister named Grace and she did not like Riley playing with the other aliens. She tried to make him stop but she could not. Riley tried to tell her to play but she would not but then a storm came.

Everyone ran and ran, then suddenly the storm stopped, but Grace was missing! Everybody looked for her, then Riley found her but she was hurt! Evelyn helped her so she is not hurt.

Then they all became best friends and they played with each other every day! Grace liked playing with her new friends. They played and played until they had to go home.

The next day they played with each other again!


  1. What an active imagination and well written… then again… I may be just a little prejudice :) Because she’s my daughter…

  2. Very good girl! I want more!

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