Junior Dispatch welcomes ‘Big Nate’

Posted by on November 2, 2012 in Featured, Site News, Time for Comics | Comments Off

Junior Dispatch is pleased to announce a new addition to our stable of online comics — Big Nate.

The comic is written and drawn by Lincoln Pierce and stars Nate Wright, a sixth grader who is always getting in trouble. Learn more about the strip here.

You can now enjoy Nate’s adventures every day at JuniorDispatch.com’s comic page (and in the print addition of The York Dispatch, too!).

Aside from Big Nate, we have a few other comics for you to enjoy:

  • Belvedere – The crazy comic about a dog who does his own thing. (New comics posted Monday through Saturday on JD’s Comics Page)
  • Tundra – A look at wildlife (and a few snowmen too) that can act a little too human. (New comics posted Monday through Saturday on JD’s Comics page)
  • Phil Hardy – This special 100-episode comic is about an adventure at sea. See it here.
  • Learn to Cartoon – A multi-part course on learning how to cartoon. See it here!