Local politicians join student mock debate

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Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa – With the 2012 Presidential Election just weeks away, fourth-graders at Southern Elementary School are preparing to debate the issues and have invited local politicians to visit their mock debate.

Pennsylvania State Senator Michael Waugh and State Representative Ronald Miller will visit Southern and address the students Monday, Nov. 5, as fourth-graders prepare for their mock debate. The debate is set to begin at 9:30 a.m.

The students will represent each of the presidential and vice presidential candidates and speak on their behalf. Some of the topics for the debate include the economy, foreign affairs, healthcare, and education. During the debate, all other Southern Elementary students will watch each candidate discuss these issues. Then, on Election Day, students will join the rest of the nation and cast their votes. The ballets will be counted and the school’s presidential winner will be announced by the end of Election Day.

As part of the election process, fourth-graders have formed committees, studied the issues, created ballot boxes, election booths, and voter registration cards. During Election Day, they will operate the election booths and tally the votes to determine the winner.

“All of our fourth-graders are completing various activities to help them understand a little bit more about the importance of voting, the history behind our democratic system, and how it affects everyone,” fourth grade teacher Sue Thomas said.

During a recent election committee meeting, students made decorations for the lobby and voting booths and prepared the voter identification cards for all of the student voters.

“I like being in this committee,” fourth-grader Diane Kelbaugh said. “I get to check off the names of the voters (as they vote). “It’s just like voting and being there.”