Bald eagle is back in the wild

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A mature bald eagle was released Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012, returning to the area in which it was injured August 21. York County raptor rehabilitation specialist Mitzi Eaton released the bird in Jackson Township, near where it was hit by a semi tractor trailer. The eagle had a concussion, minor eye laceration and a swollen elbow, and was nursed back to health by Eaton. A small group gathered to watch the release. Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officer Greg Graham explained that there are about 12 nests in York County, and this eagle, he hoped, was a native Yorker and not migrating through the area. Upon release, the bird flew immediately to a branch about 30 yards away and sat for about 10 minutes before flying, without any apparent problem, to a neighborhood about a 400 yards away. Bil Bowden photo

A bald eagle that was injured in August was given medical treatment and time to heal at a rehabilitation center in York. The experts there decided it was strong enough to be released back into captivity. Photographer Bil Bowden was there to document the event.